2018 Buckeye Classic Yearling Sale Entries - Hips 1-198
Tuesday, September 25 - 10 a.m. Start Time

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since July 18, 2018.

Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
1     My Name Is Hairy Colt World Of RockNRoll Hands Off My Munchkin Winterwood Farm, Agent    
2     Axidently Awesome Colt Charley Barley Helene's Escape Ohio State ATI  
3     Sushinenrainbows Filly Winning Fireworks Her Super Legacy Andy Burkholder Farm    
4     Hmm Rightfully So Filly And Away We Go Hmmm Is That Right Trotting Traditions LLC    
5     Embrace The Rust Filly Stormin Normand Hooray For Mom Abby Stables    
6     Spirit And Style Gelding Southwind Spirit Hurrikane Emery Dublin Valley Farms, Agent for Elmer D. Miller    
7     Double Socks Colt Neely Dunn Hylite Lavec Deer Run Stable    
8     T. T. Sparkle OUT Filly Winning Fireworks Banquet Hall Trotting Traditions LLC  
9     Big Dragon Colt Dragon Again Ideal Portrait Lloyd Wittmer    
10     Grippers Team Filly Team Six In The Grippers Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
11     Comets Glory Colt Southwind Wrangler Iris Robbie Yoder    
12     Photo To Win Filly Cash Hall Lost Photo Cool Winds Farm    
13     Pure N Wise Colt Dontyouforgetit Ivory Pearl Dublin Valley Farms, Agent for Urie U. Byler    
14     Flexin Jessie Filly Flex The Muscle Jessie Flight Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
15     Cell Service Filly Dejarmbro Fire In The Cell Double Spring Farm    
16     Justdontforgetme Filly Dontyouforgetit Just For Fun Dublin Valley Farms, Agent for Robert Rietveld    
18     Gottaholdonu Colt Dejarmbro Keep Swimming Spring Haven Farm    
19     Southern Penny Filly Southwind Wrangler Kelpie Hanover Deer Run Stable    
20     Champagne On Ice Filly Triumphant Caviar Khifra Hanover Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
21     Kite Filly Manofmanymissions Kitefin Hanover Winterwood Farm, Agent for Walnut Hall Stock Farm    
22     Red Skittle Colt Thin Blue Line Kyoto's Express Bear Creek Stables  
23     Double Yellow Line Colt Uncle Peter Lady Glider Winterwood Farm    
24     Don't You Fool Me Colt Dontyouforgetit Lil Sure Shot Cool Winds Farm, Agent for Charles W. Hartzell    
25     Beautifulgorgeous Filly I'm Gorgeous Lima Java LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
26     Charming One Colt Team Six Lipey Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
27     Winning Pride Colt Winning Fireworks Lonesome Pride Trotting Traditions, Agent for Aaron Schlabach    
28     Rockin Farrari Filly Rockin Amadeus Look Close Trotting Traditions LLC    
29     Don't Forget Yankee Colt Dontyouforgetit Is That So Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
30     Legacy Fireworks Filly Winning Fireworks Loving Legacy Dublin Valley Farms, Agent for Norman Troyer    
31     Playitfromthebeach Colt Santa Fe Beachboy LPGA LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
32     C S Sugar Babe Filly Southwind Spirit M L Brown Sugar Hidden Meadow Farm, Agent    
33     McDelicacy Filly Mcardle Machs Delicacy Cool Winds Farm    
34     Quiet Magic Filly Uncle Peter Magic Peach Dublin Valley Farms, Agent for Ian Yoder    
35     Runaway Nancy Filly Rompaway Wally Magical Spell Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
36     Eternal Faith Filly Triumphant Caviar Makeherownway Abby Stables    
37     Rockn Fast Colt Rockin Amadeus Makenas Dream Dublin Valley Farms, Agent for Lee F. Newcomer    
38     Seductive Maragold Filly Wishing Stone Maragold Miss LMN Bred Stables    
39     Rock On Titan Colt Pet Rock Maresey Doats LMN Bred Stables    
40     MC Kella Filly Mcardle Markella Clearview Stables    
41     Purrei Filly Cheyenne Rei Matinee Winterwood Farm, Agent for Bonley Farm & Rei's Gang    
42     Peter Spirit Colt Uncle Peter Maurel Hanover Deer Run Stable    
43     Nosey Nellie Filly Dejarmbro Future Talent Winterwood Farm, Agent    
44     Big Enough Colt Big Rigs Meet My Ex Winterwood Farm, Agent for Bonley Farm    
45     Sammys Pillow Colt Cayenne Turbo Megamachine Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
46     Sendmetothestars Filly Big Bad John Megastar LMN Bred Stables    
47     MR Spring Goal Colt Spring Goal Miss Conway A D Michael I. Miller & Aaron I. Miller    
48     Mocha Jitterz Filly Dejarmbro Mocha Jo Hickory Lane Horse Farm, Agent    
49     Peter Willie Colt Uncle Peter Moneys Finest Trotting Traditions LLC    
50     Rose Run Valerie Filly Dejarmbro Most Fabulous Rose Run Farm    
51     Matt's Uncle Pete Colt Uncle Peter Ms Andover Hanover Winterwood Farm    
52     City Of Night Filly We Will See Mystic Player Winterwood Farm    
53     Nature's Dream Filly If I Can Dream Natures Course LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
54     Indeed A Dream Filly Uncle Peter I Am Spike's Wish Trotting Traditions LLC    
55     Susie K Filly Climb Higher Nickie K Hidden Meadow Farm, Agent    
56     Niki Miss Wiggles Filly Mr Wiggles Niki Blue Chip Spring Haven Farm    
57     Rockin Requiem Filly Rockin Amadeus No Picnic Henry D. Burkholder, Agent    
58     Rose Run Victor Colt Dragon Again On Her Honor Hanover Rose Run Farm    
59     Shecanshakealeg Filly Stormin Normand On The Muscle Spring Haven Farm, Agent for Chris And Vickie Spellmire    
60     Onemorebrosif Colt Dejarmbro One More Lap Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
61     Hez So Handsome Colt I'm Gorgeous Open Forum Cool Winds Farm    
62     Blue Zoey Filly Thin Blue Line Orillio Zoey Bear Creek Stables  
63     Cash Credit Colt Cash Hall Ornellaia Cool Winds Farm    
64     Forgottobakeit OUT Colt Dontyouforgetit Over Baked Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
65     Dontforgetmypower Colt Dontyouforgetit Overpowering Lindy Dublin Valley Farms    
66     All Cashed Out Colt Cash Hall Par Anion Hanover Cool Winds Farm    
67     Hayes OUT Filly Big Bad John Parallel Parked Winterwood Farm  
68     Takeapieceomyheart Colt Dontyouforgetit Peg O My Heart Dublin Valley Farms, Agent for Urie U. Byler    
69     Little Jeff Colt Muscle Network Pepper Mint Point Dublin Valley Farms, Agent for Lee F. Newcomer    
70     Wanda's Team Filly Team Six Perceptive Caviar Andy Burkholder Farm    
71     McBuster Colt Mcardle Pest From The West Hickory Lane Horse Farm, Agent    
72     Peter Lets Go Colt Uncle Peter Phillycityhall Trotting Traditions LLC    
73     MVP King Colt My MVP Photo Land Henry D. Burkholder    
74     Pink Champion Filly Mr Wiggles Pink Magic In The Pink Racing, LLC    
75     Wannabeaqueen Filly Team Six PJ's Princess Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
76     Rockin Lexi Filly Rockin Amadeus Pounne DeLuxe Henry D. Burkholder    
77     Bootleggers Boy Colt Charley Barley Premier Cami Cane Ohio State ATI  
78     Itza Prince Colt Triumphant Caviar Princess Hall Marvin Raber Farms, Agent    
79     Pure Fireworks Filly Winning Fireworks Pure Super Cool Winds Farm    
80     Badlildude OUT Colt We Will See Quite A Delight Spring Haven Farm    
81     Rose Run Vincent OUT Colt And Away We Go Real Housewife Rose Run Farm    
82     Mrs Mojo Risin Filly Pet Rock Real Real Winterwood Farm    
83     Watch N See Colt We Will See Arion Winterwood Farm, Agent for Michael A. Lee    
84     Evident Power Colt Uncle Peter Rose Power Abby Stables    
85     Slurve Colt Full Count Rubicella Marvin Raber Farms, Agent    
86     Run Deus Run Colt Rockin Amadeus Rum Runner Bluechip Cool Winds Farm    
87     Secret Rocket Colt Winning Fireworks Francine Grenville Trotting Traditions LLC    
88     R Jenna Filly Southwind Wrangler R-Valerie Henry D. Burkholder    
89     Sack Winner Colt Manofmanymissions Sack Cloth Michael I. Miller & Aaron I. Miller    
90     Keta Filly Dontyouforgetit Schalyn Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
91     Cigar Colt Big Bad John Scooch Winterwood Farm    
92     Screaming Luck Filly Lucky Chucky Screaming Awsome Martz Creek Farm    
94     Shady Wiggles Filly Mr Wiggles Shady Mamie Henry D. Burkholder    
95     He's Winning Colt Winning Fireworks She's Queenie Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
96     Shanee OUT Colt Bigrisk She's Ruffstuff Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
97     Rockin Daddy O Colt Rockin Amadeus Cristal Daddy Girl Cool Winds Farm    
98     Enforce The Law Colt Triumphant Caviar Shez Jailbait Abby Stables    
99     Flaming Andie Filly And Away We Go Short Vacation Spring Haven Farm, Agent for Ben Lee Troyer    
100     Shouda Power Filly Southwind Spirit Shouda Cuda Wuda Dublin Valley Farms    
101     Cruisin Cody Colt Dontyouforgetit Siena Belle Dublin Valley Farms, Agent for John E. Miller    
102     Jessie's Muscle Filly Flex The Muscle Sierra's Jessie Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
103     Hoochie Girl Filly Mister Big Silverhill Princess Hickory Lane Horse Farm, Agent for Richard E. Johnson    
104     Excalibur's Touch Colt The Panderosa Softtothetouch Abby Stables    
105     Irish Valley Colt Dontyouforgetit Southwind Celine Dublin Valley Farms    
106     Lady Piper Filly Mcardle Southwind Piper Marvin Raber Farms, Agent    
107     Forgetitstriking Ed Colt Dontyouforgetit Striking Lauren Dublin Valley Farms, Agent    
108     Ever Sweet Storm Filly Stormin Normand Sweet Touch Abby Stables    
109     Dream Creation Colt Winning Fireworks Rusty's Centerfold Trotting Traditions LLC    
110     The Breeze OUT Filly Dragon Again Tea Pot Hanover Winterwood Farm  
111     Forget Teasing Mae Filly Dontyouforgetit Teasing Donna Dublin Valley Farms    
112     Brushy Triumphant Colt Triumphant Caviar The Naughty Nanny Brushy Acres    
113     Knight Timesacomin Colt Strong Player Three Plus One Pleasant Hill Farm, Agent    
114     Expensive Bait Colt Triumphant Caviar Top Bait Abby Stables    
115     Loveisaburninthing OUT Colt Southwind Spirit Tortoni's Lady Dublin Valley Farms  
116     Hart Of Gold Colt Pine Valley Trendy Tradition Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
117     Players Big Winner Colt Strong Player Trouble Talk Bear Creek Stables  
118     Turbochargedpete Colt Uncle Peter Turbochargedroxie Winterwood Farm    
119     MH Blue Line Filly Thin Blue Line Ty Chi Hanover Bear Creek Stables, Agent  
120     Timestorm Colt Stormin Normand Tymal Sonata Al-Von Farm    
121     Jackie Gheeson OUT Colt Ghee's House Unspeakable Joy Winterwood Farm, Agent for Bonley Farm & Rei's Gang    
122     Team Jesse Colt Team Six Upfront Jesse Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
123     Niaita Filly Dontyouforgetit Vamp Hall Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
124     Crazy Mission Colt Manofmanymissions Venice Holiday LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
125     Tuned Colt Manofmanymissions Vintage Chip Winterwood Farm, Agent for Walnut Hall Stock Farm    
126     Cold Hard Cider Colt Dejarmbro Vivacious Broad Trotting Traditions LLC    
127     Spirited Babe Filly Southwind Spirit Watsu Dublin Valley Farms, Agent for Owen Miller    
128     Sandy's Bolt Colt Bolt The Duer White Sand Pleasant Hill Farm    
129     Will's Way Colt Big Rigs Will You Be Mine Winterwood Farm, Agent for Bonley Farm    
130     Charming Yankee Colt Winbak Yankee Winie Charm Spring Haven Farm, Agent for Ben Lee Troyer    
131     Cashtastic Colt Cash Hall Winners Only Spring Haven Farm, Agent    
132     Conley Lane Colt Coraggioso Winning Colors K Winterwood Farm, Agent    
133     Witchey Filly Triumphant Caviar Witch's Magic Brew Marvin Raber Farms, Agent    
134     Becky Jann Filly Uncle Peter Wolf's Jann Hidden Meadow Farm, Agent    
135     Royal Rocker Colt Rockin Amadeus Yankee's Royalty Clearview Stables    
136     Big Bad Panda OUT Filly Big Bad John A PP Panda Winterwood Farm  
137     Lucky Amadeus Colt Rockin Amadeus Allamerican Raquel Spring Haven Farm, Agent for Ben Lee Troyer    
138     Let Me Be Clear Filly Cheyenne Rei Always A Plus Winterwood Farm, Agent for Bonley Farm    
139     Rose Run Venture Colt Dejarmbro Amaretto Delight Rose Run Farm    
140     Payoff Pitch Colt Full Count Anastasia Bow Winterwood Farm, Agent    
141     Shark Encounter Colt Shark Gesture Armbro Abstract Marlin Jeffrey Falknor    
142     Risky Million Colt Bigrisk Art's Virtue Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
143     Spirit Rules Filly Southwind Spirit Audio Dublin Valley Farms, Agent for Triple Y Farm    
144     Fred's Dream Girl OUT Filly Team Six Balata Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
145     Robusto Colt Dejarmbro Ballerina Volo LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
146     Know Peter Filly Uncle Peter Balmira CC Marvin Raber Farms, Agent    
147     M B Blackie Colt Mcardle Bang The Door Andy Burkholder Farm    
148     Sharmia Filly Winning Fireworks New Money Trotting Traditions LLC    
149     Almighty Dollar Colt Cash Hall Becca J Spring Haven Farm, Agent    
150     Brushy Betty Filly Dontyouforgetit Betty Jean Brushy Acres    
151     Something Big Colt The Panderosa Black Brinny LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
152     Makin'mydaddyproud Filly Dragon Again Boots Place LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
153     Justa Charm Filly Dejarmbro Just Asking Double Spring Farm    
154     Easy Victory Filly Uncle Peter Broadway Victory Spring Haven Farm    
155     Ataboy Star Colt Dontyouforgetit Bullville Ata Girl Dublin Valley Farms, Agent for Bill Byler    
156     Bigrisk Fire Colt Bigrisk C G Fire Andy Burkholder Farm    
157     Stormy Sam Colt Southwind Wrangler Fresco's Candy Henry D. Burkholder    
158     Experience This Filly Uncle Peter Can't Get Over You Abby Stables    
159     Fire Worthy Colt Winning Fireworks Cantab Baby Dublin Valley Farms, Agent for Michael D. Miller    
160     Gotothefront Filly Dontyouforgetit Carme Blue Chip Dublin Valley Farms, Agent for Robert J. Hershberger    
161     Golden Chip Filly Band's Gold Chip Chanteuse Hidden Meadow Farm    
162     Amazing Touch Filly Dejarmbro Chatterly Hall Spring Haven Farm, Agent for Emma Raber    
163     Class Indeed Colt Winning Fireworks Cherries Hanover Trotting Traditions LLC    
164     Libby's Best Filly Pet Rock Cinder Libbey Clearview Stables    
165     Secret Pearl Filly Winning Fireworks CJ's Super Secret Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
166     Exhibit Class Colt Triumphant Caviar Classic Blaze Abby Stables    
167     Hoosier Hypnotic Colt Hypnotic Blue Chip Cmybest Randall E Bond    
168     McChapo Colt Mcardle Community Spirit Hickory Lane Horse Farm, Agent    
169     Bigrisk Cruiser Filly Bigrisk Corner Cruiser Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
170     Thracian Soldier Colt Rockin Amadeus CR Hope Spring Haven Farm, Agent for Steven Hubbard    
171     Pak Cash At Dawn Filly Cash Hall Crescent's Bulldog Cletus Christner Farm    
172     Spiritual Son Colt Southwind Spirit Crystal Downs Dublin Valley Farms, Agent for Urie U. Byler    
173     Full Of Crystal Filly Full Count Crystal Rayne Henry D. Burkholder    
174     MC Cam Colt Mcardle Delightfully Cam Winterwood Farm, Agent for Walnut Hall Stock Farm    
175     Evasive Action Colt Triumphant Caviar Desperatehousewife Abby Stables    
176     Wishing Dolly Filly Wishing Stone Dolly Dunn Henry D. Burkholder    
177     Howyadoinbub Colt Dejarmbro Donnos Victory Marvin Raber Farms    
178     Theflowergirlie Filly Amigo Hall Don't Cry Lindy Martz Creek Farm, Agent for Willie R Schwartz    
179     Creekside Miriam Filly Victory Sam E W Royal Pain Hidden Meadow Farm, Agent    
180     Don't Fire Colt Dontyouforgetit Breath Of Fire Double Spring Farm    
181     Dream Change Filly Winning Fireworks Economic Change Trotting Traditions LLC    
182     Cameron Lane Colt Coraggioso Electric Vivian Winterwood Farm, Agent    
183     Kiss Tmrw Goodbye Colt Beachtrea Elegant Mystique Spring Haven Farm    
184     Casholite Filly Cash Hall Eyeolite Spring Haven Farm, Agent for Ben Lee Troyer    
185     Call Me Flower Filly Full Count Fall Sunflower Hidden Meadow Farm    
186     That Magic Feeling Filly MY MVP Feel The Joy Spring Haven Farm, Agent for Chris And Vickie Spellmire    
187     O Saycam You See Colt We Will See Felicity Cam Cool Winds Farm, Agent for Charles W. Hartzell    
188     It's A Star Colt Dontyouforgetit Eastern Star Two Double Spring Farm    
189     Eligible Bachelor Colt Western Vintage Flower Pot Abby Stables    
190     Charley Bravo Colt Charley Barley Fly Fly Judith Ohio State ATI  
191     Foxy Rigger Filly Riggins Foxy Angel Martz Creek Farm    
192     Swing'n OUT Filly Dejarmbro Swing Anna Miss Trotting Traditions LLC    
193     Southern Smoke Colt Southwind Wrangler Candy's Power Henry D. Burkholder    
194     McGowan's Caviar Filly Triumphant Caviar McGowan Blue Chip Winterwood Farm    
195     She Sure Is Good Filly Mcardle Gargantua Hanover Hickory Lane Horse Farm    
196     Cameos Princess Filly Nob Hill High Gran Cameo Cool Winds Farm    
197     Risky Racer Colt Bigrisk Grandma Helen Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
198     Epic Ace Colt Western Vintage Golden Ace Abby Stables