2020 Buckeye Classic Yearling Sale Entries - Hips 1-212
Tuesday, October 13 - 10 a.m. Start Time

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since June 29, 2020.

Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
1     Vale Big Glory Filly Mister Big Vale Breeze John Green Stable  
2     Dundee's Missy Filly Triumphant Caviar Visioness K Dundee Stables    
3     Waffles Big Risk Colt Bigrisk Wafflesicecream Winterwood Farm, Agent    
4     Gold Vintage Colt Western Vintage Warm Waffles Abby Stables    
5     Royaltys Dreamer Filly Racing Hill Western Royalty Pine Grove Acres    
6     Sandy's Card Colt Mcardle White Sand Pleasant Hill Farm    
7     CS Tom's Girl OUT Filly Long Tom Wolf's Jann Hidden Meadow Farm, Agent for Creekside Stables    
8     Yankee's Trea Filly Beachtrea Yankee's Royalty Clearview Stables    
9     Dundee's Top Choice Colt Spring Goal Yes To The Dress Dundee Stables    
10     Heads OUT Filly Western Terror A And G's Design LMN Bred Stables, Agent  
11     Pitt Panda OUT Colt Mcardle A P P Panda Winterwood Farm    
12     Jack's On The Beach Colt Bring On The Beach A Perfect Jenna Marvin Miller    
13     Extreme Ice Filly Triumphant Caviar A Star For Sidney Abby Stables, Agent for Myron Yoder    
14     Aeterna's Choice Colt Beachtrea Aeterna Deo Dundee Stables    
15     Mcsizzla OUT Filly Mcardle Age Of Consent Hickory Lane Farm  
16     Universal Colt Downbytheseaside Ag-N-Au Bluegrass Winterwood Farm, Agent for Dave Yoder    
17     Plumer Al Gelding School Kids Alexa Said Bear Creek Stables  
18     S F Spirit Diego Colt Southwind Spirit Amor Deo Dublin Valley Farm    
19     Angel's Vintage Filly Western Vintage Angel Flight Dale Wittmer    
20     April Spirit Filly What The Hill April Hall Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
21     Art's Arsenal Colt Bigrisk Art's Virtue Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
22     Barley A Sin Colt Charley Barley Atlantic Filly Ohio State University ATI    
23     Frosty Trouble Colt Long Tom Avalon Hall Marvin Raber Farms    
24     Awaken The Dragon Filly Fear the Dragon Awash Emerald Highlands Farm    
25     Kissmelikastranger Colt What The Hill Baby Steps LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
26     Ballardjoancarol Filly Pet Rock Ballard Bling Abby Stables    
27     Bops Fearless Dragon OUT Colt Fear the Dragon Be Bop A Lula Jeff Moore  
28     Rose Run Xpo Gelding And Away We Go Before The Rain Rose Run Farm    
29     Ballard Cruiser OUT Gelding Yankee Cruiser Big Bad Cruisie Abby Stables  
30     Bear Creek Fancy Babe Filly Expressive Action BL Harrys Turn Bear Creek Stables  
31     Swan Hilluva Time Colt What The Hill Black Swan Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
32     Fear The Britches (ET) Filly Fear the Dragon Blazin Britches Emerald Highlands Farm    
33     Bloomin Magnolia Filly Mcardle Bloomin' Delight LMN Bred Stables    
34     Delightful Beach Filly Beachtrea Bohemian Delight Weaver Ridge Farm, Agent    
35     Waverly Filly And Away We Go Bonyoldkneesofher Sonnenberg Stables LLC    
36     McBoom McBoom Gelding Mcardle Boomer's Sidekick Emery A. Miller    
37     Vivid Heart Filly Long Tom Bosston Lexi LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
38     Go Tom Girl Filly Long Tom Bullville Ata Girl Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Bill Byler    
39     Strait Up Western Colt Western Vintage Burning Sunzette Christina Johnson    
40     Uncle BV's Sister Filly Uncle Peter BV's Sister Marvin Raber Farms, Agent    
41     Pinewood Gloria Filly And Away We Go Cabo Meadowbrook Farm, Agent    
42     Bear Creek Diesel Gelding Strong Player Cambest Treasure Bear Creek Stables  
43     Rememberthealamode Colt Dontyouforgetit Sorbet Hall LMN Bred Stables    
44     Spirit Ridge Colt Southwind Spirit Candelaria Deo Dublin Valley Farm    
45     Power Jewell Filly And Away We Go Candy's Power Henry D. Burkholder    
46     Can't Quit Racing Colt Racing Hill Can't Quit Smiling Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
47     Can't Top Me Colt Southwind Spirit Cantaladylift Dublin Valley Farm    
48     Loveyoutomboy OUT Colt Long Tom Careless Love Dublin Valley Farm, Agent  
49     Secret Of Life OUT Filly Creatine Carscot Review Dublin Valley Farm  
50     Mr Steele Gelding Long Tom Caviar Call Girl Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
51     V J Panderosa Colt The Panderosa Caviart Vegas Marvin Raber Farms, Agent    
52     CS Tootsie Filly E L Rocket Chandler T Hidden Meadow Farm, Agent for Creekside Stables    
53     Loadedwithcreatine Colt Creatine Charmed Again Henry D. Burkholder    
54     Get Some Cash Colt Cash Hall Chatterly Hall Emma Raber    
55     Long Cheer Colt Long Tom Cheerful Lady Trotting Traditions, Agent for Edgemoor Farm LLC    
56     Chippy Zippy Colt Coraggioso Chippie Brown Sugar Cool Winds Farm    
57     MB Fireworks Hall Colt Winning Fireworks Christabel Hall Pine Grove Acres    
58     Little Dude Gelding Domethatagain Cinderella Story Sheila Kitchin    
59     Flexin Secret Filly Flex The Muscle CJ's Super Secret Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
60     Risky Driver Colt Bigrisk Co Line Hard Drive Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
61     Longshot Colt Long Tom Tintern Perry Coblentz    
62     Pressure Check Colt His Highness Commando Chic Sonnenberg Stables LLC    
63     Spiritual Flight Filly Southwind Spirit Coram Deo Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
64     Jet Cruiser Colt Bigrisk Corner Cruiser Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
65     Million Maker Colt Bigrisk Corner Girl Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
66     Dancinatmidnight Filly Big Bad John Cruise On Ashley Winterwood Farm    
67     Bear Creek Lindy Filly Expressive Action Dame Lindy Bear Creek Stables  
68     River Valley Super Colt Thin Blue Line Dirt Road Anthem Gary Miller  
69     Tom's Girl Filly Long Tom Dojea Volare Dublin Valley Farm    
70     Wishing Max Colt Wishing Stone Dolly Dunn Henry D. Burkholder    
71     Peter's Choice Colt Uncle Peter Donna Mom Marvin Raber Farms, Agent    
72     Tin Cup Whiskey Colt Downbytheseaside Dream McQueen Cool Winds Farm    
73     Eagle On A Hill Colt Racing Hill Eagle See Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
74     Electra Glide Filly Uncle Peter Electra De Vie Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
75     Accuracy Filly Triumphant Caviar Elena Abby Stables, Agent for Leon Troyer & Chis Beaver    
76     Team Erica Filly Team Six Erika's First Lady Andy Burkholder Farm    
77     Gorgeous Gabe Colt Stormin Normand Escadilla Abby Stables    
78     Barley A Princess Filly Charley Barley Extreme Prejudice Ohio State University ATI    
79     Eye's A Winner Filly Winning Fireworks Eyefull Trotting Traditions, Agent for Wayne Schlabach    
80     Glow Face Filly Stormin Normand Fancy Label Abby Stables    
81     Watch My Brass Colt My MVP Feel The Joy Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
82     Whitness The Love Filly Whit Feisty Love Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent  
83     Final Streak Colt Well Said Final Touch Winterwood Farm, Agent for LNM Standardbreds    
84     Rose Run Xanna Filly Triumphant Caviar For Patty Rose Run Farm    
85     Art's Beach Filly Bigrisk For The Glory Trotting Traditions, Agent    
86     Geostorm Colt Stormin Normand Frannie's Ridge Abby Stables    
87     Longjohn Woody Colt Long Tom Frissy K John Green Stable    
88     Winsome Buck Colt Western Vintage Frontier Michelle Rebecca Arnold & John Light    
89     Risky Lilly Filly Bigrisk Fsolatdo Bluegrass Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
90     Momma's Thomas Colt Long Tom G Momma Brushy Acres    
91     Winning Amber Filly Winning Fireworks Genuinely Good Marion Yoder    
92     Janice Rossi Filly Rockin Amadeus Give No Lip Cool Winds Farm    
93     Fear Of Delight Colt Fear the Dragon Glorious Delight Emerald Highlands Farm    
94     Fearful Intent Colt Fear the Dragon Glorious Intent Emerald Highlands Farm    
95     S S Ignatius Colt Big Bad John Glory Bee Cool Winds Farm    
96     Ballard Mr Coin Gelding Mister Big Hawaii Connection Abby Stables    
97     Genuine Heart Filly Triumphant Caviar Heart Headed Abby Stables    
98     Heaven's Beach Colt Bring On The Beach Heavenly Pleasant Hill Farm    
99     Barley Typsy Filly Charley Barley Helene's Escape Ohio State University ATI    
100     Bring It On Now Filly Bring On The Beach Here And Now LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
101     Uncle Dancer Colt Uncle Peter Hip Hop Dancing Allen R. Miller    
102     Whydontukissthis Colt Domethatagain I Deal In Kisses Cool Winds Farm    
103     Biddy Bop Filly Dejarmbro I'd Rather Walk Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
104     Rose Rin Xyst Filly And Away We Go Idole Normand Rose Run Farm    
105     Gallant Machine Colt Domethatagain Iemma Machine Baby Abby Stables    
106     Ocean Wave Filly Domethatagain Island View Trotting Traditions, Agent for Aaron Schlabach    
107     Fearthelicious Filly Fear the Dragon Jerseylicious Emerald Highlands Farm    
108     Jess Believe Filly Uncle Peter JH Jessica Double Springs Farm    
109     Mississippi Hippie Filly Uncle Peter Kadema Hickory Lane Farm, Agent    
110     Long Lisa Filly Long Tom Kaw-Liga Trotting Traditions, Agent for Edgemoor Farm LLC    
111     Long Ken Colt Long Tom Ken Dora Winterwood Farm, Agent for Franklin Equine LLC    
112     Mid Wind Kelley Filly Mcardle KO Justice Mid Wind Farms    
113     Spiritual Legacy Filly Southwind Spirit Kris's Legacy Hidden Meadow Farm    
114     Seven Lick Caviar Filly Triumphant Caviar Lady Mayflower Seven Lick Stable    
115     Bigger Engine Colt Winning Fireworks Lady SJ Trotting Traditions, Agent for Wayne Schlabach    
116     Creatine Man Colt Creatine Lady Taggetha Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
117     Barleys Babe Filly Charley Barley Leave It Up To Me Clearview Stables    
118     Elva Boy OUT Colt Southwind Spirit Little Elva Dublin Valley Farm, Agent  
119     Get Extreme Colt Western Vintage Live The Extreme Abby Stables    
120     Rose Run Xander Colt Triumphant Caviar Loconotion Rose Run Farm    
121     Smoke Bomb Filly Winning Fireworks Lonesome Pride Trotting Traditions, Agent for Aaron Schlabach    
122     Second To None Filly Triumphant Caviar Lots To Live Up To Winterwood Farm, Albert & Mark Adams    
123     Shez Back In Black Filly Woodstock LPGA LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
124     RSA Jessie Colt Whit Luann Dunn Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent  
125     Runnenbare Filly And Away We Go Lucky Billie Bill Troyer    
126     Victorious VIP Colt My MVP Lucky W LMN Bred Stables    
127     Simply Monificient Filly Western Vintage Mach Mae Over LMN Bred Stables    
128     Dream On It Colt Dontyouforgetit Macs Dream Dublin Valley Farm    
129     Magic Works Colt Dontyouforgetit Magical Pumpkin Dublin Valley Farm    
130     Fearless Dancer Filly Fear the Dragon Majorette Hanover David Byler    
131     Tuff The Dragon Colt Fear the Dragon Nancy's Lucky Lady LMN Bred Stables    
132     Baker Time OUT Colt Long Tom Marjorie Hall Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Troyer Farm  
133     Fearless Moe Colt Fear the Dragon Maureen Rocks Emerald Highlands Farm    
134     Mayan's Racer Colt Racing Hill Mayan Moose Winterwood Farm, Agent    
135     Sister Christian Filly The Panderosa McDance Desire Cool Winds Farm    
136     Rose Run Xavia Filly Fear the Dragon McVita Bella Rose Run Farm    
137     Sea Mar Go Filly Downbytheseaside Megaball Hanover Winterwood Farm, Agent    
138     Retro Star Colt Western Vintage Megastar LMN Bred Stables    
139     Mikayla Style Filly Bigrisk Mikayla Hanover Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
140     Miss Lucky Girl Filly Lucky Chucky Miss Conway A D Dundee Stables    
141     Tom's Ace Colt Long Tom Money's Finest Trotting Traditions LLC    
142     Teacher Joe Colt What The Hill Ms Lady Annabell Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
143     Drakaina OUT Filly Fear the Dragon Musette Mindale Winterwood Farm, Albert & Mark Adams  
144     Boone's Beach Bar Colt Lost For Words My Beach Baby Cool Winds Farm    
145     Sweet Aroma Filly Knight Of Intrigue My Little Melanie Sonnenberg Stables LLC    
146     Miss Pebbles Filly Wishing Stone Maragoal Miss LMN Bred Stables    
147     CS Tom Colt Long Tom Nickie K Hidden Meadow Farm, Agent for Creekside Stables    
148     Prairie Fire Colt Long Tom No Magic To It Sonnenberg Stables LLC    
149     No Whistle Blower Gelding The Panderosa No Picnic Henry D. Burkholder, Agent    
150     OH Risky Colt Bigrisk OH Hanover Andy Burkholder Farm    
151     Rose Run Xodus Colt Mcardle Onherway Killean Rose Run Farm    
152     Onetwoskipafew Filly Uncle Peter Our Countess Dublin Valley Farm    
153     Fear The Pansy Filly Fear the Dragon Pantidepressant Emerald Highlands Farm    
154     Red Vintage Colt Western Vintage People Like Me Abby Stables, Agent for Al-Von Farm    
155     Microtech Colt Knight Of Intrigue Phat Hanover Sonnenberg Stables LLC    
156     Street Gang Colt Winning Fireworks Philly City Hall Trotting Traditions, Agent for Wayne Schlabach    
157     GV Queen Filly Cash Hall Photo Queen Winterwood Farm, Agent for Sandy Loam Standardbreds    
158     Pick A Rock Colt Pet Rock Picksync Hanover Pine Grove Acres, Agent for Andy Raber    
159     Red Tomatoe Filly Stormin Normand Pizza Chip Kidd Clearview Stables    
160     Mach Out Knockout Colt Mcardle PL Knockout Pleasant Hill Farm    
161     Powerfull Princess Filly Bullville Powerful Princess Mcardle N Hidden Meadow Farms, Agent for Steven Mast    
162     Pro Vintage Filly Western Vintage Pro Secco Winterwood Farm, Agent for Franklin Equine LLC    
163     Cashanova Colt Cash Hall Punks Embrace Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
164     Rose Run Xtreme Colt Triumphant Caviar Queen Extreme Rose Run Farm    
165     Beach Bar Babe Filly Downbytheseaside Quick Ain't Fair Winterwood Farm, Agent    
166     Lady Filly Rockin Amadeus R Ciao Baby Sunrise Farm    
167     Lori's Glory Filly Uncle Peter Rare Beauty Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Troyer Farm    
168     Janice Goal Filly Spring Goal Real Jinx Dundee Stables, Agent    
169     Successful Dragon Colt Fear the Dragon Real Successful Emerald Highlands Farm  
170     Another Long Song OUT Colt Long Tom Rebas Song Noah Byler  
171     Shadow Of Fear Filly Fear the Dragon Red Shadow Emerald Highlands Farm    
172     Rememberthedragon Filly Fear the Dragon Remember When Emerald Highlands Farm    
173     Going To The Races OUT Colt Racing Hill Rock It On Out Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
174     Gazitarena (ET) Filly Fear the Dragon Rockin Serena Emerald Highlands Farm    
175     Dothatoveranover Colt Domethatagain Romantic Fever Clearview Stables, Agent    
176     Dakota Beach Gelding Bring On The Beach Ron's Beach Babe Sheila Kitchin    
177     Gemstone Ruby Rose Filly E L Rocket Rose Power Abby Stables    
178     Uncle Abe Colt Uncle Peter Rose Run Nellie Hickory Lane Farm, Agent    
179     Super Spirit Colt Southwind Spirit Rose Run Pearl Dundee Stables    
180     Short On Change Colt Cash Hall RR's Caviar Marvin Raber Farms, Agent    
181     Kathi With An Eye OUT Filly Uncle Peter Sawmill Road Winterwood Farm, Albert & Mark Adams, Agent  
182     Good Investment Colt Racing Hill Sea Cruise Hanover Hickory Lane Farm    
183     Lucky Sea Colt Lucky Chucky She's Seaworthy Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
184     Show No Fear Colt Fear the Dragon Show And Tell Emerald Highlands Farm  
185     Show Your Legacy Colt Southwind Spirit Show Your Lindys Dublin Valley Farm    
186     Real Risky Colt Bigrisk Showmrealdesire Andy Burkholder Farm    
187     Fear The Smoothie Filly Fear the Dragon Smooth Silver Emerald Highlands Farm    
188     Ted's Team Colt Team Six Socksyandiknowit Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
189     Fear My Britches Colt Fear the Dragon Soggy Britches Emerald Highlands Farm    
190     Drag Race Filly Fear the Dragon Someracesomewhere LMN Bred Stables, Agent  
191     Dontgobakinmyheart Filly Western Vintage Canadia LMN Bred Stables    
192     CL Piper's Peter Colt Mcardle Southwind Piper Abby Stables, Agent    
193     Western Sugar Filly Western Vintage Southwind Sugar Trotting Traditions, Agent for Edgemoor Farm LLC    
194     Guns Blazin' Colt Western Vintage Split Screen Abby Stables    
195     Climb That Hill OUT Filly Racing Hill Stonebridge Vision LMN Bred Stables, Agent  
196     Ten Speed Action Colt Expressive Action Strike Ten Brushy Acres    
197     Long Tom Babe Filly Long Tom Suzie's Express Eli Miller    
198     Swinging Fireworks Colt Winning Fireworks Swing Anna Miss Pine Grove Acres, Agent for Milo Mast    
199     S'more Amour Filly My MVP Tagalong Kendra LMN Bred Stables    
200     Disney Springs Filly Rockin Amadeus Tarpon Springs Cool Winds Farm    
201     CS Explosive Stone Colt Wishing Stone Think Explosive Hidden Meadow Farm, Agent for Creekside Stables    
202     Ahillonfire Filly What The Hill Thisgirlisonfire Bill Troyer    
203     Speedy Petey Filly Uncle Peter Tight Pants Pine Grove Acres    
204     We Go We Go Filly Long Tom Come On We Go Perry Coblentz    
205     Spiritonafasttrain OUT Colt Southwind Spirit Toledo Train Dublin Valley Farm, Agent  
206     Piece Of Candy Filly Uncle Peter Tootsie Bi Marvin Miller    
207     Truth Finder Colt Charley Barley Truth Is Grey James D. Swain    
208     Glass Of Clear Filly Uncle Peter Turbo Charged Roxie Winterwood Farm, Agent for Franklin Equine LLC    
209     Type A Personality Colt Fear the Dragon Type A Grey Emerald Highlands Farm    
210     OJO Caliente Colt Southwind Spirit Up Front Striking Dublin Valley Farm    
211     MVP Max OUT Colt My MVP Ura Hanover David Byler    
212     Gratified Colt Domethatagain Urtrynmypatience Abby Stables