2017 Buckeye Classic Yearling Sale Entries - Hips 1-211
Tuesday, September 26 - 10 a.m. Start Time

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since July 24, 2017.

Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
1     Music N Small Talk Colt Dejarmbro A Moment Of Music Hickory Lane Farm, Agent    
2     Your Mom N Em Filly Western Ideal Aeterna Deo Cool Winds Farm    
3     Forgot My Credit Filly Dontyouforgetit Alabama Shuffle Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
4     Rose Run Unbridald Filly And Away We Go Hayworth Hanover Rose Run Farm    
5     Skyway Artistic Colt Mcardle All Over You Winterwood Farm, Agent    
6     Santorini Blue OUT Filly Western Vintage Incredible Sharon Rose Run Farm, Agent for Ben Lee Troyer    
7     Striking Peter OUT Colt Uncle Peter Angel Creek Rose Run Farm, Agent for Wayne Miller    
8     Section Line Bogo Colt Mcardle Armbro Alto Spring Haven Farm    
9     WF Dancer Filly Art Official Armbro Amour Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
10     Foolmegypsy Filly Deep Chip Flirtified Walnut Valley Equine    
11     Trump's Wall OUT Colt Mcardle Ashland Blue Spring Haven Farm, Agent for Sugar Valley Farm    
12     QueenAnn Triump Filly Triumphant Caviar Wintergreen Spring Haven Farm, Agent    
13     Cupofjoetogo Gelding Dontyouforgetit B Cor Tamgo Abby Stables, Agent for Levi Miller & Lynn Baker    
14     JL Rock N The Nite Away Colt Rockin Amadeus JL Cruise The Nite Spring Haven Farm, Agent for Hallmarke Farms    
15     TT Starfire Filly Winning Fireworks Banquet Hall Trotting Traditions LLC    
16     Kyle's Last Star Colt Kyle Major Bare Legs Bear Creek Stables  
17     Somebeachtrea Babe Filly Beachtrea Beachbabybeachbaby Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
18     Victory Bells Filly Victory Sam Belle LeGrand Walnut Valley Equine    
19     Brushy Mimi Filly Triumphant Caviar Mallory Brushy Acres    
20     Official Line Filly Art Official Bikini Line Clearview Stables    
21     Luvcrunchess Filly Dontyouforgetit Velten Ladolcevita Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
22     Lady Woodhull Filly Dragon Again Blaze Of Color Winterwood Farm, Agent    
23     MOV Cincinati Filly Cincinnati Kid Blind Eye MOV Stables    
24     Winter Queen Filly Dontyouforgetit Blizzard Warning Pine Grove Acres    
25     McMaximus Colt Mcardle Blueridge Porcinia Winterwood Farm, Agent    
26     Tap Tap Tap Colt Mcardle Bombilla Hanover Winterwood Farm, Agent    
27     Pearls N Diamonds Filly Winning Fireworks Bonyoldkneesofher Trotting Traditions LLC    
28     Broadway Bank Filly Break The Bank K Broadway Victory Spring Haven Farm    
29     Windcheer Filly Southwind Spirit Bronx Cheer Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
30     No Time For Dragon Colt Dragon Again C R Hope Spring Haven Farm, Agent for Steven Hubbard    
31     Triple Lane Mister Colt Mister Big Calamity Hall Triple Lane Stable  
32     Sakari Filly Cash Hall Call Them Over Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
33     Setit and Forgetit Colt Dontyouforgetit Carscot Review Ashberry Acres LLC    
34     Cash Wrangler Gelding Southwind Wrangler Cash On The Rail Henry D. Burkholder    
35     Cravin For Cash Colt Dontyouforgetit Cast A Spell Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
36     Ilooklikeanallstar Colt Ilooklikemymom Chanteuse Eli Kauffman    
37     Rollin In The Cash Colt Cash Hall Chatterly Hall Emma Raber    
38     King Georges Heart OUT Colt Pet Rock Chrome Hearts Cool Winds Farm, Agent  
39     Kidofmanymissions Colt Manofmanymissions Cincinnati Star Winterwood Farm, Agent    
40     Delicate Class OUT Filly Uncle Peter Classic Blaze Abby Stables    
41     Woodyoucolorwithme Filly Woodstock Color My World Spring Haven Farm, Agent    
42     McPosh Filly Mcardle Community Sprit Hickory Lane Farm, Agent for Spurwood Farm    
43     Cornerd Beach Filly Beachtrea Corner Cruiser Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
44     The Art of Change Colt The Art Of Lindy Costume Change Sunrise Farm, Agent    
45     Kyle's Last Shot Colt Kyle Major Croquette Hanover Bear Creek Stables  
46     Trot'n Thunder Colt Southwind Wrangler Crystal Rayne Henry D. Burkholder    
47     TC's Best Colt Triumphant Caviar Curvature Hanover Spring Haven Farm    
48     Decisive Power OUT Filly Triumphant Caviar Rose Power Abby Stables    
49     Your Treasure Colt Beachtrea Delightfully Yours Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
50     JD's Modest Man Colt Panspacificflight Designer Gal Jacob L. Miller    
51     MOV Diana Filly Cincinnati Kid Diane Hall MOV Stables    
52     Triple Lane Dancer Colt We Will See Dirty Dancer Triple Lane Stable  
53     Count On Bensyn Colt Full Count Donna's Victory Marvin Raber Farms    
54     Staunch Supporter Filly The Panderosa Downwyn Kate Marvin Raber Farms    
55     Peter's Dream Filly Uncle Peter Dream Of Royalty Winterwood Farm, Agent    
56     Big See Colt Big Bad John Eagle See Spring Haven Farm, Agent    
57     Lastnopunintended Filly No Pan Intended Early Sensation Henry D. Burkholder    
58     Hate The Rules Colt And Away We Go Easter El Paso Dublin Valley Farm    
59     Storminaroundtrack Colt Stormin Normand Eikos Electra Michael I. Miller    
60     Whatshegonnado Filly Big Bad John Elite Sorority Trotting Traditions LLC, Agent for Aaron Schlabach    
61     Erika's Emilene Filly Neely Dunn Erika's First Lady Andy Burkholder Farm    
62     Devoted Spirit OUT Colt Southwind Spirit Escadilla Abby Stables    
63     Rocky's Wedding Colt Dontyouforgetit Marjorie Hall Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Troyer Farms    
64     Uncle Amos Colt Uncle Peter Europass Spring Haven Farm    
65     Royals Victory Filly Victory Sam EW Royal Pain Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
66     Eye For Cash Colt Cash Hall Eyeolite Rose Run Farm, Agent for Ben Lee Troyer    
67     Vintage Ladysinger Filly Western Vintage Fat Lady Sings LMN Bred Stables    
68     Forget It Hall Colt Dontyouforgetit Flanery Hall Double Spring Farm    
69     Shadow Of Tomorrow Filly Dragon Again Armbro Bittersweet Walnut Valley Equine    
70     U Won't Forget It Filly Dontyouforgetit For Heathers Sake Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
71     South Queen Filly Southwind Wrangler Fresco's Candy Henry D. Burkholder    
72     Curious Winner Colt Dejarmbro Future Talent Winterwood Farm, Agent for Cornerstone Stock Farm    
73     Gabby's Rose Filly We Will See Gabrielle's Girl Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
74     Brushy Tigger Colt Dontyouforgetit Genna Brushy Acres    
75     Forgotten Treasure Colt Dontyouforgetit Victory Connection Ashberry Acres LLC    
76     Beachesbeckonme Colt Beachtrea Grandma Helen Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Henry J. Miller    
77     Hall N Bro Colt Dejarmbro Hall N Flori Double Spring Farm    
78     Tugboat Tuffy Gelding Break The Bank K Haveyoubeentoparis Abby Stables, Agent for Windswept Valley Farm    
79     Rose Run Ulysses Colt Western Vintage Alcyon Semalu Rose Run Farm    
80     Highheeled Sally Filly Cash Hall High Gear Sahbra Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
81     Creekside Mack Colt Mcardle Hikari Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
82     Wegohmmm Colt And Away We Go Hmm Is That Right Trotting Traditions LLC    
83     Goin Home Again Filly Dragon Again Home Wrecker Cool Winds Farm, Agent for Mitchell Standardbreds, Inc.    
84     Rose Run Ulala Filly And Away We Go Idole Normand Rose Run Farm    
85     Aunt Percilla Filly Uncle Peter Ilazue Rose Run Farm and Martz Creek Farm    
86     Katawna Filly Dontyouforgetit In The Grippers Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
87     Allamerican West Colt Western Vintage Allamerican Raquel Rose Run Farm, Agent for Ben Lee Troyer    
88     Phantom Pro Colt Dontyouforgetit Ivory Pearl Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
89     Youwontforgetme Colt Dontyouforgetit Jailhouse Jenny Walnut Valley Equine    
90     JD's Wite Out Filly Panspacificflight JD's Bluribbonrose Jacob L. Miller    
91     JD's Cashew Crunch Filly Panspacificflight JD's Hot Bunny Jacob L. Miller    
92     JD's Underrated Gelding Panspacificflight JD's Underestimated Jacob L. Miller    
93     Southern Spirit Filly Southwind Spirit JH Jessica Double Spring Farm    
94     Bad Girls Don't Cry Filly Big Bad John Bad Girls Club Spring Haven Farm    
95     Don't Forget Denise Filly Dontyouforgetit Just Plain Denise Double Spring Farm    
96     Flippin Zippin Colt Shark Gesture Karrydale Charm Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Riceland Acres LLC    
97     Diablu Ladi OUT Filly Western Vintage Keladi Bluechip Abby Stables    
98     Caviar Charlie Colt Southwind Wrangler Kelpie Hanover Henry D. Burkholder    
99     Oh Marianna Filly Uncle Peter Keystone Ariana Spring Haven Farm, Agent    
100     Twilight Mission Colt Manofmanymissions Keystone Twilight Abby Stables, Agent for Windswept Valley Farm    
101     UB Cruisin Colt Dontyouforgetit Kris's Legacy Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
102     Broadway Tag Colt Broadway Hall Lady Taggetha Spring Haven Farm    
103     Rockin N Thinkin Colt Rockin Amadeus Lavish Liz Cool Winds Farm    
104     I Get It Colt Dontyouforgetit Less Stress Norman A. Miller    
105     Winchester Walley Colt Pet Rock Life Uptown Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
106     Permission Filly Manofmanymissions Lima Simplicity Spring Haven Farm    
107     Diamond Turbo Filly Cayenne Turbo Linda's Diamond Lil Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
108     Gonnawishonastar Colt Wishing Stone Lipey Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
109     Lonesomeisonfire Colt Winning Fireworks Lonesome Pride Trotting Traditions LLC, Agent for Aaron Schlabach    
110     Racing Flicka Filly Racing Naked Los Al Hanover Matthew J. Byler    
111     Cash Photo Filly Cash Hall Lost Photo Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
112     Readyforthebeach Colt Beachtrea Love Your Style Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Henry J. Miller    
113     Dawnna Marie Filly Mcardle Lovely Dawn Hickory Lane Farm, Agent    
114     Jenny's Lucky Day Filly Dejarmbro Lovetotalkgottarun Hickory Lane Farm, Agent    
115     Again A Pam Filly Dragon Again Luck's Mistress Clearview Stables    
116     Don't Forget Caide Filly Dontyouforgetit Lucky W LMN Bred Stables    
117     Creekside Pete Colt Uncle Peter Luxury Bi Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
118     Machs Dragon Filly Dragon Again Machs Delicacy Cool Winds Farm, Agent for Mitchell Standardbreds, Inc.    
119     Don't Forget Muscle Filly Dontyouforgetit On The Muscle Spring Haven Farm    
120     Brushy Tiger Colt Dontyouforgetit Betty Jean Brushy Acres    
121     Brushy Sassy Kassy Filly Stormin Normand Maria Brushy Acres    
122     You Got Credit Colt Dontyouforgetit Playful Credit Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Troyer Farms    
123     See You In Tuscany Colt We Will See McDance Desire Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
124     Blue Hottie Filly Thin Blue Line Mid West Hottie Bear Creek Stables  
125     Conner Conway AM Colt Fox Valley Iliad Miss Conway AD Aaron I. Miller    
126     Tequila Peanut Filly Art Official Miss Parker Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
127     MJ's Pegs Pepper Colt Cayenne Turbo MJ's Pegomyheart Spring Haven Farm, Agent for MJ Farms    
128     Peterbuild Colt Uncle Peter Moneys Finest Trotting Traditions LLC    
129     Princess Riley Filly Manofmanymissions My Day To Play Spring Haven Farm    
130     Night Prowler Filly We Will See Mystic Player Winterwood Farm, Agent    
131     Nimble Tiger Colt Mcardle Mystic Returns Hickory Lane Farm, Agent    
132     Bi A Man Colt Manofmanymissions Myura Bi Lloyd Wittmer, Agent for Rollin Acres    
133     Miss Peewee Valley Filly Triumphant Caviar Nannina Ambrosio Donna Murphy  
134     Rose Run Ultimate Filly Western Vintage National Gallery Rose Run Farm    
135     Woodie's Pearl Filly Woodstock Native Black Pearl Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
136     He'll Rock Your World Colt Rockin Amadeus Native Hanover Dublin Valley Farm    
137     Blooming Sunflower Filly Rockin Amadeus Naughty Sunflower Clearview Stables    
138     See You Again Colt Big Bad John Nina Coleada Spring Haven Farm, Agent    
139     Rainin Purple Rain Filly The Panderosa No Picnic Henry D. Burkholder    
140     Pixel Art Colt Amigo Hall Norhtern Pixie Christopher Spellmire  
141     Clockin Brenda Filly Clocked At Eighty Northeast Philly Aden A. Miller  
142     Northern Rock Colt Pet Rock Northmedo Tam Clearview Stables    
143     Get Back Jack Colt Uncle Peter Olive Warrawee Winterwood Farm, Agent for Cornerstone Stock Farm    
144     Pompano Pete Colt Uncle Peter On Sail Winterwood Farm, Agent    
145     Twentyfour K Magic Filly Dontyouforgetit Magic Memory Spring Haven Farm    
146     Zally F Filly Dontyouforgetit Over Baked Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
147     Salisbury Road Filly The Panderosa Pacific Bay Henry D. Burkholder    
148     Princess Starlette Filly We Will See Paper Princess Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
149     Snap Chattin OUT Filly Cash Hall Par Avion Hanover Cool Winds Farm    
150     McPearlody Filly Mcardle Pearls Melody Rose Run Farm, Agent for Andrew Troyer    
151     Neely Caviar Colt Neely Dunn Perceptive Caviar Andy Burkholder Farm    
152     Trainer Neely Colt Neely Dunn Personal Trainer Andy Burkholder Farm    
153     Amigo Land Colt Amigo Hall Photo Land Henry D. Burkholder    
154     Get It Lena Filly Dontyouforgetit Photo Queen Rose Run Farm, Agent for Mark E. Yoder    
155     Treaspass Hunting Filly Dontyouforgetit Pine Career Double Spring Farm    
156     Lying Hillary Filly Cash Hall PJ's Princess Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
157     Easter Lilly Filly Cayenne Turbo Esta Kash Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Troyer Farms    
158     DaBing DaBing Filly Rockin Amadeus Princess Jay Winterwood Farm, Agent    
159     Beach Pursuit Colt Beachtrea Pursuit Of Happiness Spring Haven Farm    
160     R My Ted Colt My MVP R Valerie Henry D. Burkholder    
161     Baby Rhino Filly Big Bad John Rain Dance Kim Winterwood Farm, Agent    
162     We Will Ramble Colt We Will See Ramblin Rosie Daryl Paddock    
163     Perfect Mistake Filly Fox Valley Iliad Real Jinx Jacob I. Miller    
164     Kiss This Filly Ghee's House Really Dawling Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Riceland Acres LLC    
165     Devious Dame OUT Filly Art Official Dangerous Forever Abby Stables    
166     Dazzling Spirit Colt Southwind Spirit Rosemary's Best Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Reuben M. Hershberger    
167     Urban Buzz Filly Full Count Royal Two Marvin Raber Farms    
168     Let's Go Vacation Filly And Away We Go Short Vacation Rose Run Farm, Agent for Ben Lee Troyer    
169     JP Power Colt Southwind Spirit Shouda Cuda Wuda Dublin Valley Farm    
170     I'm A MVP Filly My MVP Sierra's Jesse Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
171     Treacherous Beach Filly Beachtrea Sister Pippa Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Andrew Troyer    
172     Count's Chip Colt Full Count Smartchip Abby Stables, Agent    
173     Grenadine Filly Rockin Amadeus Society Brat Sunrise Farm    
174     Dylan MBK OUT Colt We Will See Softtothetouch Abby Stables    
175     Mister Gelato Colt Wishing Stone Sorbet Hall LMN Bred Stables    
176     All Piped Up Colt Dragon Again Southwind Piper Marvin Raber Farms, Agent    
177     Spring In The Air Filly Big Bad John Spring Joy Spring Haven Farm    
178     Up All Nite Long Colt Dejarmbro Starlet Dream Don Longfellow    
179     Nikki Star Filly I'm Gorgeous Stipple Hanover Rose Run Farm, Agent for Mark E. Yoder    
180     Stolen Amadeus Filly Rockin Amadeus Stolen Halo Winterwood Farm, Agent for Dave Yoder    
181     Triumphant Girl Filly Triumphant Caviar Strike N Hop Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for David Kempf    
182     Grasshopper Colt Dontyouforgetit Super Katrina Walnut Valley Equine    
183     Metalicana Colt Dragon Again Ashlee's Girl Spring Haven Farm, Agent for Sugar Valley Farm    
184     Brushy Sailor Colt Triumphant Caviar Susannah Brushy Acres    
185     Swing Twister Filly Winning Fireworks Swing Anna Miss Trotting Traditions LLC    
186     Tagliabuetwo Colt Triumphant Caviar Tag Me For Riches Abby Stables, Agent for Allen Raber    
187     Zayn Colt Neely Dunn Talented Sahbra Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
188     MJ's Mojo Mission Colt Manofmanymissions Taveta Spring Haven Farm, Agent for MJ Farms    
189     Adorable One Colt Cayenne Turbo Tequisha Jesse Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
190     MOV Tracy Filly Cincinnati Kid The Glimmer Girl MOV Stables    
191     WF Dougie Colt Rockin Amadeus Ticket Counter Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
192     Just A Passenger Colt Cayenne Turbo Trainedfordancin Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Riceland Acres LLC    
193     Tricky Trendy Filly Pine Valley Trendy Tradition Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
194     Trotslikenoother Filly Uncle Peter Trotslikethewind Spring Haven Farm    
195     We Will Shuffle OUT Colt We Will See Truffle Shuffle Ashberry Acres LLC, Agent for Rebecca Thomas  
196     Betty Barley Filly Charley Barley Tu Sei Bella Lloyd Wittmer    
197     MOV Peter Colt Uncle Peter TV Mom MOV Stables    
198     Don't Front Me Colt Dontyouforgetit Upfront Carol Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Troyer Farms    
199     Front Beach OUT Colt Beachtrea Upfront Dragons West Dublin Valley Farm, Agent  
200     Rocky Mission Colt Manofmanymissions Ura Hanover David M. Byler  
201     Vanishing Act Colt Cash Hall Vamp Hall Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
202     Lottie B Filly Southwind Wrangler Vanilla B Henry D. Burkholder    
203     Luvkelsey Filly Dontyouforgetit BK's Luv Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
204     Jo Jo's Turbo OUT Colt Cayenne Turbo Get Back Jojo Ashberry Acres LLC, Agent for Joseph S. Yoder  
205     Beach Royalty Filly Beachtrea Western Royalty Pine Grove Acres    
206     Sandy's Rock Colt Rockin Amadeus White Sand Pleasant Hill Farm    
207     Lexiwonagain Filly Dragon Again Win D Won Spring Haven Farm, Agent    
208     Cassius Lane Colt Cash Hall Winning Colors K Winterwood Farm, Agent for Autumn Lane Farm    
209     unnamed OUT Colt Big Bad John Sure Thing Mindale Spring Haven Farm  
210     Broadway Wonder Colt Stormin Normand Wyndridge Prancer Abby Stables, Agent for Allen Raber    
211     Bet You I'm Rockin Filly Rockin Amadeus Zabette Cool Winds Farm