2023 Buckeye Classic Yearling Sale Entries - Hips 1-236
Tuesday, October 10 - 10 a.m. Start Time

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since July 5, 2023.

Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
1     Well Desired Filly Well Said Desire One LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
2     Miss Side Gig Filly Mister Anson Pathian Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
3     Johnny Colt Pet Rock Pay Attention Jack Spurwood Farm, Agent    
4     Long N Lean Colt Long Tom Petite Vixen Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Jon E. Beachy    
5     Fancy Prize Filly Enterprise Photosavvy Hidden Meadow Farm    
6     Countryofmars Colt Marseille Pine Country Dundee Stables, Agent for Wayne J. Miller    
7     Madam Can Can Filly Marseille Leaping Lady LMN Bred Stables    
8     Tankfullaluck Filly Marseille PJ's Photo Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Daren Harvey    
9     Dragons Knockout Colt Fear The Dragon PL Knockout Pleasant Hill Farm    
10     Amazing Tom Colt Long Tom Playful Credit Winterwood Farm, Agent    
11     Rapid Departure Colt Enterprise Precious Lindy Hidden Meadow Farm    
12     Rose Run Aimee Filly Racing Hill Private Performance Rose Run Farm    
13     Mr Up Hill Colt Lather Up Profound Beauty Weaver Standardbred Farm, Agent for Hollow Hill Farms    
14     Cajn's Kari Filly Lather Up Ragn Cajn Bluechip Pine Grove Acres, Agent    
15     Teacher Kate Filly Enterprise Rare Beauty Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Troyer Farms    
16     ATI Barley Baloo Colt Charley Barley Just Thinkin' Ohio State University ATI    
17     CL Real Dewy Colt We Will See Real Real Abby Stables, Agent for Country Lane Stables  
18     Riley The Rebel Filly Enterprise Rebellious Lady Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Ian Miller    
19     Makemine A Legend Filly Bit Of A Legend N Red Hot Alert Spurwood Farm, Agent    
20     Snappy Dragon Filly Fear The Dragon Red Snapper Weaver Standardbred Farm, Agent    
21     Reigning Dollars Colt Uncle Peter Reigning Flowers Mervin Burkholder, Agent    
22     Oh Romeo Colt Rodeo Romeo OH Hanover Andy Burkholder Farm    
23     Bring On Camo Colt Bring On The Beach Roan Camo Andy Burkholder Farm    
24     Catch This Rocket Colt Catch The Fire Rock It On Out Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Marlin Miller    
25     Deetz Lighting Filly And Away We Go Rose Run Leah Weaver Standardbred Farm, Agent    
26     Promise At Dawn Filly What The Hill Rose Run Nellie Hickory Lane Horse Farm, Agent for Dana & Shari Eidens    
27     Countess Pearl Filly Full Count Rose Run Pearl Dundee Stables, Agent for Ivan Miller    
28     Dublins Scarlett Filly Uncle Peter Rose Run Roxann Dublin Valley Farm    
29     Rose Run Ashton Filly Uncle Peter Rose Run Value Rose Run Farm    
30     Topless Filly Fool Me Once Running In Heels Snow Ridge Farm    
31     Salisbury Rd Apple Colt Mr Apples Salisbury Road Mervin Burkholder, Agent for Jean Will    
32     DNR Enter Rayne Filly Enterprise Scarlett Kayne Deo Weaver Standardbred Farm, Agent for David Hershberger    
33     Serenity Song OUT Filly Marseille Seeking Royalty Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
34     I'm Mamie Shade Filly I'm Gorgeous Shady Mamie Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
35     Justlikemymomma Filly Domethatagain Shameless Hanover Abby Stables    
36     Stonecreekfestival Filly Pet Rock Shark Festival Stone Creek Stables    
37     Charvelle Colt Marseille Sharmia Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Daren Harvey    
38     Allbullandknowbeef Colt Bullville Powerful Sheas Pony Bear Creek Stables    
39     Skyway Slick Colt Long Tom Short Vacation Winterwood Farm, Agent    
40     He's Gonna Cashew Colt Enterprise Sittin Chili Spurwood Farm, Agent    
41     Skyway Bound Filly Uncle Peter Sky Is Mine Winterwood Farm, Agent for Marsh Valley Standardbreds    
42     Sneakpastthem Colt Marseille Sneeker Hanover Dundee Stables    
43     TRF Thunder Colt Nothing But Class Socksyandiknowit Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
44     Some Say Filly Well Said Someracesomewhere LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
45     CL Pipers Plenty Filly Dancin Yankee Southwind Piper Abby Stables, Agent for Country Lane Stables    
46     Sing Or Dance Filly Dancin Yankee Southwind Sugar Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
47     Rose Run Avalon Filly Well Said Stirling Delilah Rose Run Farm    
48     Thunderbolt Run Colt Well Said Stirling Electra Spurwood Farm, Agent    
49     Well Seen Colt Well Said Stonebridge Vision LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
50     My White Rose Filly Western Terror Strawberrys On Top Cedar Wood Stables    
51     Striking Marseille Colt Marseille Strike Ten Brushy Acres    
52     A Legends Secret Colt Bit Of A Legend N Stucklikeglue Hickory Lane Horse Farm, Agent    
53     Rookie Sensation Filly Full Count Student Example Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Grandview Stables    
54     Real Sugar Filly Mister Anson Sugar Please Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for ARK Farms    
55     Sunshine Player Filly Strong Player Sunshine Molly Bear Creek Stables    
56     Smooth N Fast Colt Well Said Sweet Talia Spurwood Farm, Agent    
57     Typhoon Tony Colt Uncle Peter Hurricane Hazel LMN Bred Stables    
58     American Tattoo Filly Uncle Peter Tattoo You Ben A. Miller    
59     Tom's Teacher Filly Long Tom Teacher Pat Winterwood Farm, Agent for Mark Haney    
60     Terra's Jewel Filly Mr Apples Terrorfiedofsharks Spurwood Farm, Agent    
61     Lion In The Creek Filly Lather Up The Lions Sleeps Stone Creek Stables    
62     Tom's Naughty Girl Filly Long Tom The Naughty Nanny Brushy Acres    
63     Fire Up Your Engines Colt And Away We Go Thisgirlisonfire Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
64     Rose Run Anabelle Filly Fear The Dragon Tiger Boudoir Rose Run Farm    
65     Talkherup Filly What The Hill Time To Talk Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Joseph Schmucker    
66     ATI Rockin Tricks Colt Rockin Amadeus Tricky Trendy Ohio State University ATI    
67     JJ Jehosphat Colt School Kids Trouble Talk Joseph A. Mullet    
68     The Twin Dragon Colt Fear The Dragon Twin B Diva Weaver Standardbred Farm, Agent for Nelson Miller    
69     SLF Tymal Prise Filly Enterprise Tymal Elvira Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Steven Detweiler    
70     Perfect Signature Colt What The Hill Tymal Signature Hickory Lane Horse Farm, Agent    
71     Unique Catch Colt Catch The Fire Unique Legacy Mervin Burkholder, Agent    
72     Bye Bye Girl Filly Uncle Peter Upfront Bye Bye Mervin Burkholder, Agent for David Weaver    
73     Quintuplet Colt What The Hill Vandy's Magic Dublin Valley Farm    
74     Action Is Ours Filly Expressive Action Victory Is Ours Bear Creek Stables    
75     Lou's Boy Colt Fear The Dragon Voluminous Winterwood Farm, Agent    
76     Memorial Vacation Filly Marseille Weekend Vacation Mervin Burkholder, Agent for David Weaver    
77     Across The Atlantic Colt Marseille Win Doctor Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Vernon Miller    
78     Fastest Road Colt Well Said Yellow Brick Road Dundee Stables    
79     Dundee's Mia Filly Enterprise Yestothedress Dundee Stables    
80     Yooper's Legacy Colt What The Hill Yooper Weaver Standardbred Farm, Agent for KAD Farms    
81     Mouse On The Hill Filly What The Hill Zumba Mouse Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
82     Bourbon On the Rocks Colt Pet Rock A Little Starstruk Spurwood Farm, Agent for Full Tilt Farms    
83     Spike Colt Marseille A Ray Of Sunshine Dublin Valley Farm    
84     Field Goal Colt Muscle Up The Goal A Star For Sidney Abby Stables, Agent for Myron Yoder    
85     Abbey's Secondprize Colt Enterprise Abby Craig Hidden Meadow Farm    
86     ABC Goal Buster Colt Spring Goal ABC Sister Dundee Stables, Agent for Wyman Yoder    
87     Gone In A Flash Filly Uncle Peter Action On Lavec Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
88     Millie Mae Filly Long Tom Agenda Tom Ridge Mervin Burkholder, Agent    
89     Seven Lick Ways Colt Enterprise Alana's Way Seven Lick Stable    
90     Ali Sweet Cake Filly Bit Of A Legend N Ali Rush Weaver Standardbred Farm, Agent for Winklepleck Farm    
91     For America Filly I'm Gorgeous All Accounted For Dundee Stables    
92     Faithful Nation Filly Western Vintage Allamerican Nation Abby Stables, Agent for Allen Raber    
94     Crazy Tom Colt Long Tom Angie Brushy Acres    
95     Shoot Some Hoop Colt Enterprise Anja Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
96     Luckystarfrommars Colt Marseille Ann E Oaks Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Double E Equine    
97     Dragon SHF Colt Fear The Dragon APP Panda Andrew Beachy    
98     Ava Hall Filly Team Six Arianna Hall Andy Burkholder Farm    
99     Bamb Day Wink Colt McWicked Armbro Bombay Weaver Standardbred Farm, Agent for Winklepleck Farm    
100     Bossa Nova Star Colt Well Said Megastar LMN Bred Stables    
101     Stapleton Colt Do Me That Again Legal Eye Spurwood Farm, Agent    
102     Long Tom's Treasure Filly Long Tom B V's Sister Abby Stables, Agent    
103     Feeling Cute Filly Lather Up Bad Feeling Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
104     Lead Singer Filly Uncle Peter Band Of Dreams Ben A. Miller    
105     Surfsupthecreek Colt Lather Up Barbara Ann Stone Creek Stables    
106     Gators A Beauty Filly Marseille Beautiful Gator Mary G. Birkhold  
107     Juicy Gossip Girl Filly Western Vintage Bell Flower Abby Stables    
108     Baby Powerful Gelding Bullville Powerful Bettor's Babe Bear Creek Stables    
109     Spiritual Faith Filly Marseille Betty's Sam Winterwood Farm, Agent    
110     Dancin Suzy Filly Dancin Yankee Big Tsunami Spurwood Farm    
111     Marseille's Song Filly Marseille Birdsong Hanover Spurwood Farm, Agent    
112     Nelli Up Colt Muscle Up The Goal Ornellaia Dream Pine Grove Acres    
113     ATI Wholenew World Filly Lost In Time Blue Rae Ohio State University ATI    
114     Gracecarlegend Colt Bit Of A Legend N Boomer's Sidekick Emery A. Miller    
115     Caviar Creek Colt Triumphant Caviar Box Cars Stone Creek Stables    
116     Sudsnritz Filly What The Hill Bubblesnritz Dublin Valley Farm    
117     Fear The Kiss Filly Fear The Dragon Caramel Kissed Crystal Springs Farm    
118     Eckert Hill Addie Filly Triumphant Caviar Carrie The Torch Rose Run Farm, Agent for Marlin J. Miller    
119     Rose's Destiny Filly Muscle Up The Goal Caviar's Rose Weaver Standardbred Farm, Agent for Hollow Hill Farms    
120     Mellow Man Colt Western Terror CG Hopefull Genna LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
121     Cincinnati Fashion Filly Crescent Fashion Cincinnati Star Winterwood Farm, Agent for Mark Haney    
122     Ella Jo Filly Racing Hill Cinderella Story Sheila Kitchin    
123     Dragon Games Colt Fear The Dragon Circle Game Crystal Springs Farm    
124     Sunday Carpet Colt Marseille Clean Carpet Pine Grove Acres, Agent    
125     Racing Water OUT Colt Racing Hill Clearwater Hanover Pond A Acres  
126     Coalminers Racer Colt Racing Hill Coalminers Daughter Pine Grove Acres    
127     Ment To Be Filly Bit Of A Legend N Cold Brew Mervin Burkholder, Agent    
128     College Hearts Filly Long Tom College Krystal Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
129     Go Away AC Colt And Away We Go Contech Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
130     Classic Copy OUT Colt Nothing But Class Copy That Weaver Standardbred Farm  
131     Corfu Flexing Filly Flex The Muscle Corfu Hanover Pine Grove Acres    
132     Hill Of A Cowboy Gelding What The Hill Cowgirl Hall Spurwood Farm, Agent    
133     Speedy Ember OUT Filly Uncle Peter Credit Ember Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Grandview Stables  
134     Cruisinoverfire Colt Catch The Fire Cruise On Ashley Winterwood Farm, Agent    
135     ATI Timeforbeachin Filly Lost In Time Cruisin' Corrine Ohio State University ATI    
136     Rose Run Allstar Colt Well Said Crying Game Rose Run Farm    
137     Kids In Kentucky Gelding School Kids CS Kentucky Bear Creek Stables    
138     ATI Lostinth Dance Filly Lost In Time Dancing On My Own Ohio State University ATI    
139     Fire Fly SHF Filly Catch The Fire Dawg's Buddy Andrew Beachy    
140     More Deja Filly Marseille Deja Hanover Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
141     Nansmoondancer OUT Filly Well Said Paige Moon Dancer LMN Bred Stables, Agent  
142     Countonluna Filly Full Count DJ's Caviar Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Daren Harvey    
143     Johnny Whizz Bang Colt Enterprise Do Nato Touch Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
144     Tommy Sue Filly Long Tom Dolly Dunn Mervin Burkholder, Agent    
145     CS Sugar Tom Colt Long Tom ML Brown Sugar Hidden Meadow Farm    
146     Panderosa Dream Colt The Panderosa Dream Deuce Ben A. Miller    
147     Joyouswinninnamber Filly Domethatagain Drivin' Miss Rudee Abby Stables    
148     Uncle Yankee Colt Uncle Peter DW's Ali Hickory Lane Horse Farm, Agent    
149     Vapor At The Sea Colt Downbytheseaside Eden's Lucky Charm Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Marlin and Duane Miller    
150     Miss Andi Filly Mister Anson Elegant Andrea Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Gen II Equine LLC    
151     Snazzyasmilly Filly What The Hill Emerald Bling Hidden Meadow Farm    
152     Emotional Image Filly Marseille Emotional Blast Winterwood Farm, Agent    
153     Endless Dance Colt Dancin Yankee Endless Desire Spurwood Farm, Agent    
154     Wishing Grace Filly Enterprise Explosive Paige Wishing Star Racing LLC    
155     Hot Rod Rodeo Colt Rodeo Romeo Fair Voltage Emery A. Miller, Agent    
156     Valotte Filly Volstead Feel The Joy Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
157     Red Rose Filly Break The Bank K Fef Fef For Sure Cedar Wood Stables    
158     KP's Top Star Filly Fear The Dragon Fits Well Meadowbrook Farm, Agent    
159     Flawless Design Filly Marseille Flawless Beauty Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
160     Cancelled Cruiser Filly Yankee Cruiser Flighted Cancelled Weaver Standardbred Farm, Agent for Hollow Hill Farms    
161     Dothatflyingagain Filly Do Me That Again Flying Native Emery A. Miller, Agent    
162     Blueridge Mountain Colt What The Hill Foxy Blue Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
163     You Just Wait Colt Fool Me Once Fritzie Rosa Snow Ridge Farm    
164     Floyd The Barber Gelding Western Terror Frontier Sarah Sheila Kitchin    
165     Bring On The Waves Colt Bring On The Beach Fsolatdo Bluegrass Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
166     Major Jackson Colt Major Athens Get Lost Linda Brushy Acres    
167     Glamourous Pete Colt Uncle Peter Globallyglamourous Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
168     Gorgeous Apples Colt Mr Apples Gorgeous Pacific Mervin Burkholder, Agent for Jean Will    
169     Fancy Like Ooh OUT Filly Long Tom Gotta Believe Me Weaver Standardbred Farm, Agent for Hollow Hill Farms  
170     ATI Timefortrouble Colt Lost In Time Gracey Merl Ohio State University ATI    
171     Gramma's Image Filly Uncle Peter Gramma's Girl Hidden Meadow Farm, Agent for David Wengerd    
172     Isaidwhatisaid Colt Well Said Here And Now LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
173     Condolana Filly Mister Anson Hettie's Liberty Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for ARK Farms    
174     Warm Breezes Blow Filly Racing Hill Higher Standards Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Vernon Miller    
175     Rose Run Abigail Filly Yankee Cruiser Highway To Rock Rose Run Farm    
176     Ponda Elegant Filly Uncle Peter Hillosophical Pond A Acres    
177     Prairie Hustle Colt Don't Let'em Holger's Girl Laurie Lee Poulin  
178     Star Rockn Filly Racing Hill Hot Rockn LMN Bred Stables    
179     Brownie Points Filly Enterprise Tagalong Kendra LMN Bred Stables    
180     PG Quiet Time Filly Jitterbug Hush Up Pine Grove Acres    
181     Halo For Hector Colt Marseille I'm An Angel Sonnenberg Stables LLC    
182     Owner's Manual Colt Knight Of Intrigue Inevitable Sonnenberg Stables LLC    
183     Midwind Shoeboy Colt What The Hill Je T'Aime Spurwood Farm, Agent    
184     Rodeo Jet Colt Rodeo Romeo Jet Scent Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
185     Absolute Lee Filly Western Vintage Jiffy Lee Sheila Kitchin    
186     Sparkling Oak Colt Long Tom JoJo On The GoGo Joni J. Hostetler    
187     School Kids Fast Girl Filly School Kids Joyfully MJ's Stables    
188     Promise Me Again Filly Domethatagain Judy's Promise Hickory Lane Horse Farm, Agent for Dana & Shari Eidens    
189     Julie's Grace Filly Pet Rock Juliana Grace Winterwood Farm, Agent for Marsh Valley Standardbreds    
190     Long Island Ike Colt Long Tom Julieannie Weaver Standardbred Farm, Agent    
191     ATI Lostinth Bayou Filly Lost In Time Real Foxy Lady Ohio State University ATI    
192     Joyridin HD Colt Western Vintage Karlee Sue Abby Stables    
193     Justifiably Western Filly Western Vintage Keladi Blue Chip Abby Stables    
194     Tom's Centurion Colt Long Tom Kelsey's Commando Brushy Acres    
195     Kenzie's Orphan Colt Volstead Kenzie Brushy Acres    
196     Priseymom Filly Enterprise KT Priceless Moment Aaron A. Miller  
197     Classic Eddie Colt Nothing But Class Lady Panther Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Riceland Acres    
198     Sam's Legend Colt Bit Of A Legend N Last Sam Standing Pine Grove Acres    
199     Likeable Style Filly Dancin Yankee Lean On Yourself John F. Foster & D. Ray Helton  
200     Cruisin Illusion Colt Yankee Cruiser Pink Magic LMN Bred Stables    
201     Howl N Storm Colt Stormin Normand One Last Howl Hidden Meadow Farm    
202     Racy Model T Colt Enterprise Lindy's Top Model LMN Bred Stables    
203     Up Again Colt Lather Up Lioness Hanover Abby Stables, Agent for Myron Yoder    
204     Midwind Tryagain Colt What The Hill Outrageous Fortune Spurwood Farm, Agent    
205     Suddenly Special Colt Western Vintage Lover Power Spurwood Farm    
206     Brink Street Filly Long Tom Lucky Irish Babe Dublin Valley Farm    
207     Trixie's Girl Filly And Away We Go Luckycharms N Trix Sonnenberg Stables LLC    
208     Luvnspoonful Filly Marseille Luvyaformiles Spurwood Farm, Agent    
209     Survivin Fire Filly Catch The Fire Lyons Mandi Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
210     Fool Me Mo OUT Filly Fool Me Once Mach Mae Over LMN Bred Stables    
211     Man Of Triumphant Colt Triumphant Caviar Make Her Own Way Hidden Meadow Farm, Agent for Andrew Miller    
212     Dunksterprize Gelding Enterprise Malibu Bay Breeze Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
213     What A Return Filly What The Hill Many Happy Returns Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
214     Hilltop Sonar Colt What The Hill Mariah DeVie Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
215     Barbara's Arrow OUT Filly Lather Up Marquesa Seelster Spurwood Farm, Agent  
216     Missy Said Filly Well Said Mary Celeste Mervin Burkholder, Agent    
217     Rosie's Pan Colt The Panderosa Mayan Moose Crystal Springs Farm, Agent    
218     Zooma Rose Filly The Panderosa Artcam LMN Bred Stables    
219     Milli Ona Paycheck Filly Lather Up Melanies Sharkette Spurwood Farm, Agent for Full Tilt Farms    
220     Memorial's Entry Filly Enterprise Metis Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
221     West The Powerful Gelding Bullville Powerful Mid West Hottie Bear Creek Stables    
222     Sassy Girl Filly Marseille Miss Conway AD Dundee Stables    
223     ATI Lostnwondrland Filly Lost In Time Miss K Nora Ohio State University ATI    
224     All That Class Colt Nothing But Class Miss MVP Weaver Standardbred Farm    
225     Little Miss Jo Filly Long Tom Missive Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
226     CS Donatta Girl Filly Long Tom Donata Don't Gotta Hidden Meadow Farm    
227     Robin Fool Colt Fool Me Once Mommy Robin Q Weaver Standardbred Farm, Agent for Hollow Hill Farms    
228     Gerry Camo Filly Fool Me Once Mossy Oak Camo Andy Burkholder Farm    
229     Jewel Of Hope Filly Western Vintage Ms Bettys Hope Abby Stables    
230     So Vivd Filly Marseille Munis Blue Chip Sonnenberg Stables LLC    
231     Chrome Trim Filly Long Tom My Little Melanie Sonnenberg Stables LLC    
232     CS Friendly Tom Filly Long Tom MZ Friendly Hidden Meadow Farm    
233     Judge Me Again Filly Western Vintage Naked At The Beach Abby Stables    
234     Nopicnic Attherosa Colt The Panderosa No Picnic Mervin Burkholder, Agent for Jean Will    
235     Shezasmokeshow Filly Lather Up Odds On Sarasota Spurwood Farm, Agent    
236     Flying Tom Colt Long Tom Leigh's Little Sis Hidden Meadow Farm