2022 Buckeye Classic Yearling Sale Entries - Hips 1-238
Tuesday, October 11 - 10 a.m. Start Time

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since July 6, 2022.

Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
1     My Last Love Filly Racing Hill Jena-Mac Love LMN Bred Stables    
2     JH Hill Filly What The Hill JH Jessica Double Springs Farm    
3     Sensational Lee Filly We Will See Jiffy Lee Sheila Kitchin  
4     Glimmering Willow Colt Long Tom Jojo On The Gogo Trotting Traditions, Agent for Joni J. Hostetler    
5     Bullville Fast Girl Filly Bullville Powerful Joyfully MJ's Stables    
6     Nothing But A Prince Colt Nothing But Class JP Princess Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
7     Going To Mars Colt What The Hill Jupiter Rising Adrian Hochstetler    
8     Justa Hill Colt What The Hill Just Asking Double Springs Farm    
9     Just Barley Colt Charley Barley Just Thinkin' Ohio State University ATI    
10     I Wanab The Onlyone Colt Triumphant Caviar Rose Power Hidden Meadow Farm    
11     FW Enterprise Colt Enterprise E W Royal Pain Hidden Meadow Farm, Agent    
12     Flaming Sword Colt Enterprise L Dee's Bella Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Rudy Petersheim    
13     She's By Baby Filly Enterprise Latraviata Hanover Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Ola Yoder    
14     Lucky Lad Colt Western Vintage Nancy's Lucky Lady LMN Bred Stables    
15     Pink Quartz Filly Pet Rock Pink Magic LMN Bred Stables    
16     Lucky Ducky Filly Lucky Chucky Little Miss Rodeo Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
17     Countless Hours Filly Full Count Lynn's Slider Marvin Raber Farms    
18     Electric Line Colt Lather Up Mach A Fine Line Mervin Burkholder, Agent    
19     Toms Big Dream Filly Long Tom Mac's Dream Adrian Hochstetler    
20     Corona Angel Colt Uncle Peter Malibu Seelster Hickory Lane Farm, Agent    
21     MJ's Bad Boy Gelding Expressive Action Marvelous Martha MJ's Stables    
22     Nutcracker Colt Well Said Mary Celeste Mervin Burkholder, Agent    
23     Mayan's Heather Filly Lather Up Mayan Moose Winterwood Farm, Agent    
24     Angel Of Harlem OUT Filly Fear The Dragon McDance Desire Mark Marroletti  
25     Vintage Queen Filly Western Vintage McFoolery Winterwood Farm, Agent for LNM Standardbreds    
26     Stars Over Sydney Colt Yankee Cruiser Megastar LMN Bred Stables    
27     Beauty Of A Legend Colt Bit Of A Legend N Michelle's Beauty Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Keith Speelman    
28     Super Michelle Filly Yankee Cruiser Michelle's Victory Crystal Springs Farm    
29     Full Obsession Colt Full Count Minor Obsession Winterwood Farm, Agent for Ben Lee Troyer    
30     Rock The Vintage Colt Western Vintage Miracle Rock Hidden Meadow Farm, Agent for Steven Mast    
31     Barley Buttoned Colt Charley Barley Miss K Nora Ohio State University ATI    
32     Handoverthemuscle Filly What The Hill Miss Rigs Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Double E Equine    
33     Kountry Doddle Colt Enterprise Mission Revealed Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Ola Yoder    
34     MJ's Major Tom Colt Long Tom MJ's Victory Wish Winterwood Farm, Agent for MJ Farm    
35     C S Sugar Filly Full Count ML Brown Sugar Hidden Meadow Farm, Agent for Mel Detweiler    
36     Modern Daisy Filly Enterprise Modern Mercury Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Ola Yoder    
37     Fawn De MS Filly Keystone Savage Ms Mastercraft Cool Winds Farm, Agent for Fawn De Mon Farms    
38     Set Sail Filly Downbytheseaside My Hare Lady Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
39     Faith Based Filly And Away We Go My Little Melanie Sonnenberg Stables LLC    
40     My Macdaddy OUT Colt McWicked Myartblongstodaddy Clark Family Farm  
41     C S Full Speed Colt Full Count MZ Friendly Hidden Meadow Farm, Agent for Mel Detweiler    
42     Lady Nine Kay Filly Enterprise Leaping Lady LMN Bred Stables    
43     Western Cut Colt Western Terror Nature's Course LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
44     Fawn De Cole Filly Keystone Savage Nicole Hall Cool Winds Farm, Agent for Fawn De Mon Farms    
45     Noble Dale Colt The Panderosa Noble Trixie Marvin Raber Farms, Agent    
46     Risky Rocker Colt Big Risk Non Stop Rock Andy Burkholder Farm    
47     Long Lightning Colt Long Tom Northern Lightning Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Red Crest Stables    
48     C S Door Prize Colt Enterprise Open Door Policy Hidden Meadow Farm, Agent for Mel Detweiler    
49     In The Papers Colt Western Vintage Paper Princess Abby Stables    
50     Trip To Paris Filly I'm Gorgeous Paris Rose Mervin Burkholder, Agent    
51     Little Talks Filly Racing Hill Pay Attention Jack Spurwood Farm, Agent for Judy Roegner    
52     Team Caviar Filly Team Six Perceptive Caviar Andy Burkholder Farm    
53     Brennaman Colt Well Said Perfect Sport Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
54     April Hill High Filly Nob Hill High Petrify Roger & Susan Sumpter  
55     Punctual Pam Filly Long Tom Phat Hanover Sonnenberg Stables LLC    
56     Princess Cadet Colt Enterprise Pilgrims Princess Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
57     Dreaminofthebeach Colt Santa Fe Beach Boy Pinchmei'mdreamin Cool Winds Farm    
58     Clean Shaven Colt Lather Up Pink Gardenias Spurwood Farm, Agent for Robert Eicher    
59     Courageous Modello Colt Coraggioso Lindy's Top Model LMN Bred Stables    
60     EA Voin Colt Bit Of A Legend N Pistol Packin Baby Crystal Springs Farm, Agent    
61     Pretty Sweet Rose Filly Fear The Dragon Pita Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
62     Knockout Rock Colt Pet Rock PL Knockout Pleasant Hill Farm    
63     Disco Flirt OUT Filly What The Hill Please Mr DJ Crystal Springs Farm    
64     Barb's De Lite Filly Long Tom Poofhereshecomes John Kuhns    
65     All Timed Up Filly Lather Up Prymetyme Shine Crystal Springs Farm, Agent    
66     Home Run Queen Filly Full Count Quantum Victoria Crystal Springs Farm    
67     ATI Rap Star Colt Well Said Quick Little Miss Ohio State University ATI    
68     CL Real Damage Colt Western Vintage Real Real Abby Stables, Agent for Country Lane Stables    
69     Business Risk Colt Enterprise Reichers Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Sweiger Stables LLC    
70     Blue Camo Filly Big Risk Roan Camo Andy Burkholder Farm    
71     Backroad Baby Filly Dancin Yankee Robin's Girl Abby Stables, Agent  
72     This Is The Day Filly Fear The Dragon Rocks Confession Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Riceland Acres    
73     Smoke It Steady Gelding Volstead Rompaway Jazzy Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
74     Whispering Storm Colt Enterprise Keystone Willamina Hidden Meadow Farm    
75     Sir Cactus Jax Gelding Volstead Rose Run Nellie Hickory Lane Farm, Agent    
76     Dublin Razer Colt Enterprise Rose Run Roxann Dublin Valley Farm    
77     unnamed Colt Nothing But Class Roxanne Rose Weaver Ridge Farm, Agent  
78     Mr Royal T Dash Colt Mr Web Page Royal Malinda Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
79     Run The Hill Colt What The Hill Run Lindy Run Samuel A.A. Byler  
80     Denali Hill Gelding What The Hill RV Janet Royal View Farms, Bill Troyer    
81     Ibesugarnspice Filly Domethatagain Salt And Pepper Abby Stables    
82     So Vibrant Colt Long Tom Sam's Arsenal Sonnenberg Stables LLC    
83     Feeling Surprised Filly Volstead Sand Will To Wynn Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Dan Miller    
84     Miss Britney Filly Fear The Dragon Santa Fe Yankee Winterwood Farm, Agent    
85     Controlled Flames Filly Dancin Yankee Saphira Flames Mervin Burkholder, Agent    
86     Cruising To Safety Colt Yankee Cruiser Save My Tootsie Winterwood Farm, Agent    
87     Wrassler Filly Fear The Dragon Scooch Winterwood Farm, Agent    
88     Big Delight Colt Big Risk Sessor's Delight Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
89     Gorgeous Shadie Shy Filly I'm Gorgeous Shady Mamie Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
90     Bear Creek Redial Colt Bullville Powerful Shea's Pony Bear Creek Stables    
91     Attackofthedragon Colt Fear The Dragon Shell I Attach Ashley Burke    
92     Sweet Vacation Colt Creatine Short Vacation Trotting Traditions, Agent for Wayne Schlabach    
93     Dreams Of A Prize Filly Enterprise Silly Dreams Hidden Meadow Farm, Agent    
94     Love Me Long Time Filly Long Tom Sittin Chili Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
95     Chipstead Colt Volstead Smartchip Abby Stables, Agent for Leroy M. Miller    
96     Ima TC Smartypants Filly Triumphant Caviar Smarty Mouth Brushy Acres    
97     Count Coltstone Colt Full Count Sorbet Hall LMN Bred Stables    
98     Southern I Art Gelding Art Director Southern Care Sheila Kitchin  
99     Spirits Prize Colt Enterprise Spirit's Bets Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
100     Impactful Stretch Colt Domethatagain Split Screen Weaver Ridge Farm    
101     Derby's Fireball Colt Schoolkids SS Derby Girl Joseph J. Miller  
102     Tom's Girl Friend Filly Long Tom Stand Up Babe Eli Miller    
103     Good Miss Cadillac Filly Racing Hill Stucklikeglue Hickory Lane Farm, Agent    
104     Sugartime Dalgrant Colt Yankee Cruiser Sugartime Express Bob Werner    
105     Swanderlust Filly Enterprise Sunset Girl Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Sweiger Stables LLC    
106     Lucky Tom Colt Long Tom G Momma Brushy Acres    
107     Swanstead Colt Volstead Swan Mama Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
108     Adventureful Pete Colt Uncle Peter Tagalong Kendra LMN Bred Stables    
109     I'm Outta Here Filly Yankee Cruiser I've Had It Hanover Crystal Springs Farm    
110     Naughty Tommy Colt Long Tom The Naughty Nanny Brushy Acres    
111     Thispete'sonfire Gelding Uncle Peter Thisgirlsonfire Royal View Farms, Bill Troyer    
112     Tina's Turn Filly Classic Card Shark Tina's Bliss Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
113     Wilder Colt Uncle Peter TK's Karma Spurwood Farm, Agent for Theresa Millhoan    
114     Weston Jett Colt Uncle Peter TK's Lizziebeth Spurwood Farm, Agent for Theresa Millhoan    
115     Firstprisewinner Filly Enterprise Tobernette Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Brandon Miller    
116     Kountry Affair OUT Colt Enterprise Tough Affair Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Ola Yoder  
117     Barley Tricky Colt Charley Barley Tricky Trendy Ohio State University ATI    
118     Amazing Dr Wendt Gelding Big Risk Truth Is Grey Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
119     Voltaic Filly Volstead Truthwillsetufree Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Riceland Acres    
120     My Wicked Ways OUT Colt McWicked Twin B My Way Clark Family Farm  
121     Ucan Call Me Maddy J Filly Pet Rock Ucan Call Me Apple Whiskey River    
122     Peter's Magician Colt Uncle Peter Undercover Beauty Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
123     Lathered Angel Filly Lather Up Up Front Angel LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
124     Long Touch Colt Long Tom Upfront Carol Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Troyer Farms    
125     Igotthemoves Colt Dancin Yankee Velocity Abby Mervin Burkholder, Agent    
126     unnamed Colt Nothing But Class Victory Street Weaver Ridge Farm, Agent  
127     Victorious Venture Filly Enterprise Victorys Sister Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Leroy E. Raber    
128     Action To Win Filly Expressive Action Warken To Win Bear Creek Stables    
129     Just On Time Filly Enterprise Weekend Vacation Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
130     Wireless Caller Colt Bullville Powerful WF Bella Bear Creek Stables    
131     How Hill Colt Racing Hill Why When How Winterwood Farm, Agent    
132     Fawn De Win Filly Keystone Savage Win By Design Cool Winds Farm, Agent for Fawn De Mon Farms    
133     Adverture Awaits Filly Lane Of Stone Win Doctor Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Vernon Miller    
134     Deer Run Prince Colt Full Count Winds Of Victory Deer Run Stables    
135     Barley Road Colt I'm Gorgeous Yellow Brick Road Dundee Stables    
136     Bear Creek Outlook Colt Bullville Powerful You Raise Me Up Bear Creek Stables    
137     French Panda Filly Pet Rock A P P Panda Winterwood Farm, Agent    
138     Beach Player Colt Bring On The Beach A Perfect Jenna Robert M. Miller    
139     Four Is A Charm Filly Triumphant Caviar A Star For Sydney Abby Stables, Agent for Myron Yoder    
140     Abbey's Prize Colt Enterprise Abbey Craig Hidden Meadow Farm    
141     Gorgeous Ivory Filly I'm Gorgeous Aeterna Deo Dundee Stables    
142     Long Ridge Colt Long Tom Agenda Tom Ridge Mervin Burkholder, Agent    
143     Q Dancer Filly Dancin Yankee Alcula Hanover Trotting Traditions, Agent for Edgemoor Farm LLC    
144     Bullville Said Colt Bullville Powerful Alexa Said Bear Creek Stables    
145     Expressive Cheer Filly Expressive Action Allamerican Cheer Bear Creek Stables    
146     Impressive Timing Filly Western Vintage Allamerican Nation Abby Stables, Agent for Allen Raber    
147     Tom's Legacy Colt Long Tom Almond Joy Trotting Traditions, Agent    
148     Full Countsdelight Filly Full Count Amareto Delight Marvin Raber Farms, Agent    
149     Ibnumberone Colt Domethatagain Amber Hanover Abby Stables    
150     Champa Bay Hall Filly Creatine Angela Hall Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
151     Prise Shooter Colt Enterprise Ann E Oaks Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Double E Equine    
152     ATI Beach Please Filly Santa Fe Beach Boy Annakate Ohio State University ATI    
153     RSA April Magic Filly Whit April Fooling Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent  
154     KB's Well Done Colt Well Said Armbro Abstract Spurwood Farm, Agent for Kimbilla Stables    
155     Eyeofthehurricane Colt What The Hill Hurricane Hazel LMN Bred Stables    
156     Barley A Lie Colt Charley Barley Atlantic Filly Ohio State University ATI    
157     Entry Won Filly Enterprise Audio Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Triple Y Farms    
158     Lady's CDL Colt Volstead Babyface Hanover Dublin Valley Farm    
159     Legendary Hill Colt What The Hill Barn Goddess Hickory Lane Farm    
160     Dropthebeat Filly Well Said Be Bop A Lula Jeff Moore    
161     Isurebequick Colt Domethatagain Bell Flower Abby Stables    
162     Oh Well Bell Filly What The Hill Belle'svictoryring Hickory Lane Farm    
163     Without A Mark Colt Expressive Action Betcha UR My Baby Windsor Standardbreds    
164     Stormin Sue Filly Stormin Normand Susannah Brushy Acres    
165     Babe On Ascension Filly I'm Gorgeous Big Girl Jeans Ray A. Schlabach    
166     Whiskey Peddler Colt Volstead Big Girl Pants Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for R. Dean Davis    
167     Bubble Trouble Filly Lather Up Big Time Blaire LMN Bred Stables    
168     Big Dreams Count Filly Full Count Big Town Dreams Winterwood Farm, Agent for Ben Lee Troyer    
169     Miss Jo Filly Nothing But Class Billie Jo Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
170     Swan Hilluva Rush Colt What The Hill Black Swan Cool Winds Farm, Agent for Charles W. Hartzell    
171     Handsome Tom Colt Long Tom Boston Lexi Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
172     Sbrocco Colt Uncle Peter Bug's MVP Winterwood Farm, Agent for Barry Carter    
173     Katalilly Filly Long Tom Cadillac Hall Norman Miller    
174     Not Me Mom Colt Racing Hill Call Me Lil Terror Spurwood Farm, Agent for Theresa Millhoan    
175     Racing Dragon Filly Racing Hill Canadian Dragon LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
176     Bigrisk Sonny Colt Big Risk Canbec Jewell Sun Andy Burkholder Farm    
177     Dublin Sea Biscuit Colt Enterprise Candelaria Deo Dublin Valley Farm    
178     I Am Independent Filly Triumphant Caviar Can't Get Over You Abby Stables, Agent for Myron Yoder    
179     Hilltabber Colt What The Hill Cantabby Winterwood Farm, Agent    
180     Eckert Hill Carrie Filly Uncle Peter Carrie The Torch Rose Run Farm, Agent for Marlin Miller    
181     Nikota Filly Enterprise Carscot Review Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Lee Unkefer    
182     ATI Stellar Credit Filly Credit Fashion Cavaliers Victory Ohio State University ATI    
183     Black Charm Colt Mr Anson Charming Express Adrian Hochstetler    
184     McCardle's Chat Colt Mcardle Chat Snap Abby Stables, Agent for Leroy M. Miller    
185     Mari's Charm OUT Filly Creatine Chatterly Hall Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Emma Raber  
186     Long Happy Filly Long Tom Cheerful Lady Trotting Traditions, Agent for Edgemoor Farm LLC    
187     Toinfinitynbeyond OUT Filly Creatine Chez Belle Abby Stables, Agent  
188     C S Enter Chip Colt Enterprise Chip To My Lou Hidden Meadow Farm, Agent for Mel Detweiler    
189     Chipsie May Filly Long Tom Chipsie Norman Miller    
190     Gold Chocolate Colt I'm Gorgeous Chocolate Beach Dundee Stables    
191     Windy Cindy Filly Domethatagain Cinderella Story Sheila Kitchin  
192     Tammie Sue Filly Long Tom CJ's Super Secret Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
193     Future Legend Colt I'm Gorgeous Cold Brew Mervin Burkholder, Agent    
194     I Go I Go Colt Long Tom Come ON We Go Perry Coblentz    
195     Fly On Up Filly Fly On Come UP For Air Crystal Springs Farm    
196     Looksgetlonger Filly Long Tom Cometpedia LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
197     Love's Cruising Filly Big Risk Corner Cruiser Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
198     A Bit Crazy Filly Bit Of A Legend N Crazy Again Adrian Hochstetler    
199     ATI Girls Luvcruzn Filly Well Said Cruisin' Corrine Ohio State University ATI    
200     Speak For Yourself Colt Schoolkids CS Kentucky Bear Creek Stables    
201     Spring Light Colt Spring Goal Culinary Delight Dundee Stables    
202     Dancing Dragon Filly Fear The Dragon Dance Hall Girl LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
203     Dancin Buckeye Colt Dancin Yankee Dancin Darb Eli Miller    
204     ATI Dancin Queen Filly Dancin Yankee Dancing On My Own Ohio State University ATI    
205     Dark Corona Colt Dancin Yankee Dark Fiber Winterwood Farm, Agent    
206     Kountry Roast Colt Enterprise Dark Roast Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Ola Yoder    
207     Impassioned Chic Filly Western Vintage Dasher's Beach Filly Abby Stables    
208     Big Country Legend Colt Bit Of A Legend N Dazzling Diana Nutter Butter Farms    
209     Rockn My Boxers Colt Pet Rock Designer Dreams Spurwood Farm    
210     C S Gotta Prize Filly Enterprise Donata Don't Gotta Hidden Meadow Farm, Agent for Mel Detweiler    
211     Fawn De Says Filly Keystone Savage Don't Say Don't Cool Winds Farm, Agent for Fawn De Mon Farms    
212     Royalty For Tommy Filly Long Tom Dream Of Royalty Winterwood Farm, Agent for Marsh Valley Standardbreds    
213     Stars R Real Filly So Surreal Driven To Sin Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
214     Imagine Doing That Filly Domethatagain Drivin' Miss Rudee LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
215     Hilltop Yank Colt What The Hill DW's Ali Hickory Lane Farm, Agent    
216     Count With Me Filly Full Count Kris's Legacy Hidden Meadow Farm, Agent    
217     Easter's Pet Filly Pet Rock Easter Surprise Integrity Stables    
218     Barley Burlesque Filly Charley Barley Extreme Prejudice Ohio State University ATI    
219     EA Dragons Girl Colt Fear The Dragon Feel Life Crystal Springs Farm, Agent    
220     Dance Champ Colt Dancin Yankee Final Touch Winterwood Farm, Agent for LNM Standardbreds    
221     I Fly Solo Filly Domethatagain Flying Native Abby Stables    
222     Risky Rebel Colt Big Risk Fsolatdo Bluegrass Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
223     ATI Wrecking Ball Filly Santa Fe Beach Boy Gracey Merl Ohio State University ATI    
224     Executive Jane Filly Enterprise Great Idea Jane LMN Bred Stables    
225     Toms Gwyneth Filly Long Tom Gwyneth Hanover Adrian Hochstetler    
226     Intense Storm Colt Stormin Normand Heart Headed Robert M. Miller    
227     Hey Freaky Colt Freaky Feet Pete Hey Soul Sister Larry J. Hochstetler    
228     Wildwood Flower Filly Fear The Dragon Higher Standards Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Vernon Miller    
229     Rose Run Zoar Colt Domethatagain Highway To Rock Rose Run Farm    
230     Rockn Ginger Filly Nob Hill High Hot Rockn LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
231     Fear Joe Dirt Colt Fear The Dragon Artcam LMN Bred Stables    
232     Illegal Filly Western Vintage I Emma Machine Baby Abby Stables, Agent for Allen Raber    
233     Spikes Box Colt Long Tom Iam Spikes Wish Trotting Traditions, Agent for Edgemoor Farm LLC    
234     Entery Song Colt Enterprise Is That So Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Triple Y Farms    
235     Little Legend Colt Bit Of A Legend N Island View Trotting Traditions, Agent for Aaron Schlabach    
236     Long Ivan Colt Long Tom Ivanette Perry Coblentz    
237     Mr Legend Colt Bit Of A Legend N The Mistress Crystal Springs Farm    
238     Sarah Said Filly Well Said Hidden Play Hull Prairie Farms LLC