2021 Buckeye Classic Yearling Sale Entries - Hips 1-235
Tuesday, October 12 - 10 a.m. Start Time

Pedigrees feature Standardbred Canada's TrackIT technology, which provides up to the minute updates on races throughout North America. When viewing pedigrees, all information in pink represents updates since July 7, 2021.

Hip Name Sex Sire Dam Consignor Pedigree Video
1     Basil Hill Colt Racing Hill C C Spice Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
2     Coco Cert Filly Big Chocolate C E R T Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Diamond Equine    
3     Talk Dreamy To Me Gelding Racing Hill Cameo And Lace Hickory Lane Farm, Agent    
4     Bigriskbuddy Colt Bigrisk Canbec Jewell Sun Andy Burkholder Farm    
5     Enterprise Baby Filly Enterprise Cantab Baby Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Aquillas Stoltzfus    
6     Eckert Caviar Colt Triumphant Caviar Carrie The Torch Rose Run Farm, Agent for Marlin Miller    
7     Hills Of Pearl Colt What The Hill Caviar And Pearls Trotting Traditions, Agent    
8     Team Ed Colt Team Six Caviar Dunn Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
9     First Choice Grace Filly Global Republic Chapter Of Love Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
10     Happy Girl Filly Long Tom Cheerful Lady Trotting Traditions, Agent for Edgemoor Farm LLC    
11     Star At Heart OUT Filly Uncle Peter Cincy Star Double Springs Farm  
12     Swan We Go Colt Swan In A Million Come On We Go Perry Coblentz    
13     Fly On Over Filly Fly On Comeupforair Crystal Springs Stables    
14     Smooth Cruiser Colt Bigrisk Corner Cruiser Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
15     Flying Girl Filly Bigrisk Corner Girl Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
16     Doo Wop Buddy Colt Well Said Corona Again Hickory Lane Farm, Agent    
17     Bud Lite Lime Colt Rockin Amadeus Corona With Lime Cool Winds Farm    
18     EA Code Blue Colt Racing Hill Cosmo Blue Chip Abby Stables, Agent    
19     Crazy But Classy Filly Nothing But Class Crazy Over You Hidden Meadows Farm, Agent for Mervin Yoder    
20     Cruisin Vintage Filly Western Vintage Cruise On Ashley Winterwood Farm, Agent    
21     Captain Flash Colt Long Tom Daliance Sonnenberg Stables LLC    
22     BC Foxie Lady Filly Expressive Action Dame Lindy Bear Creek Stables    
23     Hopeful Dancer Filly Domethatagain Dashboard Dancer Abby Stables    
24     He'lldoitagain Colt Domethatagain Dasher'sbeachfilly Abby Stables    
25     Day Ata Tine OUT Colt Creatine Daylon Mission Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
26     Aries Dynasty Filly Big Bad John Dazzling Diana NutterButter Farms  
27     Tom's Royalty Filly Long Tom Deam Of Royalty Winterwood Farm, Agent for Marsh Valley Standardbreds LLC    
28     Doo Wop Bobby Colt Racing Hill Denyittotheend Hickory Lane Farm, Agent    
29     Racing Depth Filly Racing Hill Depth More Depth Winterwood Farm, Agent    
30     Wild Bill Hiccup Colt Uncle Peter Designated Driver Trotting Traditions, Agent    
31     McVera Filly McArdle Designer Dreams Spurwood Farm LLC    
32     Ticket Girl Filly Creatine Dojea Volare Dublin Valley Farm    
33     Tommy Dunn Colt Long Tom Dolly Dunn Henry D. Burkholder    
34     I'm Peachy Keen Filly Uncle Peter Donatos Peach Spurwood Farm LLC    
35     Premier Kitkat OUT Filly Sebastian KS Doveroto Winterwood Farm, Agent for Pemier Acres  
36     What Freshill Filly What The Hill Drive Me Wild Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
37     Hana's Drivin West Filly Western Vintage Drivin' Miss Rudee Abby Stables    
38     Tom's Big Blaze Colt Long Tom DW's Ali Hickory Lane Farm, Agent    
39     Miss Lucinda Filly What The Hill Electra De Vie Cool Wind Farm  
40     Royal Focus Filly Triumphant Caviar Elena Abby Stables, Agent for Leon Troyer    
41     Tuxedo Fashion Colt Jitterbug Emotional Fashion Pine Grove Acres    
42     Star Backee OUT Filly Winbak Yankee Engamer Nordc Star Oak Ridge Farm    
43     Handsome Hank Colt Stormin Normand Escadilla Abby Stables    
44     Caught Ya Looking Colt What The Hill Examination Hickory Lane Farm    
45     Barley A Tease Colt Charley Barley Extreme Prejudice Ohio State University ATI    
46     BC Sweetheart Filly Bullville Powerful Faking It Bear Creek Stables    
47     Feree Fiero Filly Santa Fe Beachboy Feelin Outrageous Clearview Stables    
48     Fiesty Magician Colt Whit Feisty Love Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent  
49     Final Drive Filly Western Vintage Final Touch Winterwood Farm, Agent for LNM Standardbreds    
50     Vindale Filly Western Vintage Fine Art Mindale Trotting Traditions, Agent    
51     Sheza Creatine Filly Creatine Fiorenza Pine Grove Acres    
52     Delightful Art Filly Domethatagain For The Glory Trotting Traditions, Agent    
53     Hot Rod Harley Colt Triumphant Caviar Frannie's Ridge Abby Stables    
54     Lady's Kickstart Colt Bigrisk Fsolatdo Bluegrass Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
55     Quinndelynn Filly Santa Fe Beachboy Give No Lip Cool Winds Farm    
56     Tony's Boy Colt Triumphant Caviar Susannah Brushy Acres    
57     Global Photo Filly Global Republic Godess Of Chaos Weaver Ridge Farm    
58     ATI Beach You To It Filly Bring On The Beach Gracey Merl Ohio State University ATI    
59     Hollywood Handsome Colt Triumphant Caviar Heart Headed Abby Stables    
60     Classy Winner Colt Nothing But Class Herbedaone Hidden Meadows Farm    
61     Rumor Has It Filly Well Said Here And Now LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
62     Rose Run Yuri Filly Nob Hill High Highway To Rock Rose Run Farm    
63     Holly's Cannonball Colt Creatine Holly's Diamond Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
64     Head Honcho Bo Colt Triumphant Caviar Hooray For Mom Abby Stables    
65     Hoorayimawinner OUT Gelding What The Hill Hoorayi'monmyway Cool Winds Farm, Agent  
66     Milk Money Colt We Will See Hot Mandy LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
67     Asian Zing Colt Dontyouforgetit HP Guccio Girl Dublin Valley Farm    
68     Twish Filly Long Tom Iam Spikes Wish Trotting Traditions, Agent for Edgemoor Farm LLC    
69     Hot Headed Machine Colt Art Director Iemma Machine Baby Abby Stables    
70     Premier Dreamwell Gelding Well Said If I Didn't Dream Winterwood Farm, Agent for Pemier Acres    
71     Lady With No Fear Filly Fear The Dragon I-Lady Abby Stables    
72     Talebearer Colt His Highness Impeding Hanover Sonnenberg Stables LLC    
73     Rose Run Yakim Colt Triumphant Caviar Incredible Fortuna Rose Run Farm    
74     So Beat It OUT Colt Enterprise Is That So Dublin Valley Farm , Agent for Triple Y Farms    
75     Stop The Clock Colt Western Vintage Island View Trotting Traditions, Agent for Aaron Schlabach    
76     Long Time Winning Colt Long Tom Ivanette Perry Coblentz    
77     Twodollars Filly Enterprise Iwantmytwodollars Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Tim Troyer    
78     Jess Imagine Filly Uncle Peter J H Jessica Double Springs Farm    
79     Jazz Cruiser Filly Yankee Cruiser Jazzhands Hanover Pleasant Hill Farm    
80     Hunk Of Love Colt Well Said Jena Mac Love LMN Bred Stables    
81     Victor On The Go OUT Colt What The Hill JoJo On The Gogo Trotting Traditions, Agent for Joni J. Hostetler  
82     Cammill's Money Man Colt Fear The Dragon Precious Cammill Pine Grove Acres    
83     Rail Jet Filly Triumphant Caviar Jolie Jule Crystal Springs Stables    
84     Bullville Fastboy Gelding Bullville Powerful Joyfully Martin D. Yoder    
85     Pier Seven Colt Long Tom Joyfulntriumphant Abby Stables, Agent for Leon Troyer    
86     Hadmebyhalftime Colt Art Director Judy's Promise Abby Stables    
87     He's A Tomkat Colt Western Vintage Kat N Mouse Abby Stables    
88     Pep n Her Step Filly Southwind Pepino Katla Spurwood Farm LLC    
89     Homegrown Honey B Filly Western Vintage Keladi Blue Chip Abby Stables    
90     Mission Valley Filly Enterprise Kowtow Hanover Dublin Valley Farm    
91     Moments Of Creation Filly Creatine KT Priceless Moment Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
92     Rapid Chat Colt Well Said Kwik Dali Abby Stables    
93     Seven Lick Triumph Colt Triumphant Caviar Lady Mayflower Seven Lick Stables    
94     Skipping Stride Colt Winning Fireworks Lady SJ Trotting Traditions, Agent for Wayne Schlabach    
95     Enterspeed Colt Enterprise Latraviata Hanover Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Ola Yoder    
96     Yankee DeVive Colt Winbak Yankee Lavieenrose DeVie Oak Ridge Farm    
97     Yaaassssssss Queen Filly Creatine Lindy's Prom Queen Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
98     Millindasfear Filly Fear The Dragon Lindysbathinbeauty Cool Winds Farm, Agent    
99     Valley Song Filly Nothing But Class Little Flower Dublin Valley Farm    
100     High Flyin' Filly Filly Domethatagain Live The Xtreme Abby Stables    
101     Bic To Bac Colt Winbak Yankee Livia's Secret Oak Ridge Farm    
102     Rose Run Youtube Colt And Away We Go Loconotion Rose Run Farm    
103     Lovin On The Beach Colt Bring On The Beach Love Power Spurwood Farm LLC    
104     Waiting For Darkness Filly Santa Fe Beachboy LPGA LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
105     Flashy Dragon Filly Fear The Dragon Lucky And Good Trotting Traditions, Agent    
106     EA Lucky Hill Colt Racing Hill Lucky Lady Hill Abby Stables, Agent    
107     Twotimesacharm Colt Racing Hill Lucky Virgin Miller Equine    
108     Golden Endeavor Filly Enterprise Lucky W LMN Bred Stables    
109     Powerful Lyons Colt Bullville Powerful Lyons Mandi Winterwood Farm, Agent    
110     Mo Mo And Ready Colt Racing Hill Mach Mae Over LMN Bred Stables    
111     Hold It Filly Rockin Amadeus Mach's Delicacy Cool Winds Farm    
112     You Got It Max Colt Dontyouforgetit Macs Dream Dublin Valley Farm    
113     Rose Run Yannick Colt Western Vintage Maeve Hanover Rose Run Farm    
114     Maidle Filly McArdle Maid In Shade Oak Ridge Farm    
115     Majorita Hill Filly Racing Hill Majorette Hanover Elmer Lapp    
116     Hailstorm Maker Filly Stormin Normand Makeherownway Abby Stables    
117     Cruisen Abigail Filly Yankee Cruiser Markella Clearview Stables    
118     Western BB Colt Western Vintage Mary Celeste Henry D. Burkholder    
119     Mayan's Racing Jessi Filly Racing Hill Mayan Moose Winterwood Farm, Agent    
120     Money Pan Colt The Panderosa Michelle's Victory Crystal Springs Stables    
121     Missclassygirl Filly Nothing But Class Miss Conway A D Dundee Stable    
122     Say What You Will Colt Well Said Miss Easy Cam LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
123     Barley Quinn Filly Charley Barley Miss K Nora Ohio State University ATI    
124     Kountry Mission Colt Enterprise Mission Revealed Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Ola Yoder    
125     What A Prospect Filly What The Hill Missive Clearview Stables    
126     Modern Kountry Colt Enterprise Modern Mercury Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Ola Yoder    
127     Limestone Gem Filly Pet Rock Moonless Night Crystal Springs Stables    
128     Principal John Colt Enterprise Ms Lady Annabell Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Curve Acres Farm    
129     CL Rush Pilot Colt Western Vintage MS Rush Abby Stables, Agent for Country Lane Farm    
130     Beaches B Craycray Colt Lost For Words My Beach Baby Cool Winds Farm    
131     Just B Ian Colt Uncle Peter My Lucky Princess LMN Bred Stables    
132     Star Crystals Filly Creatine My Shooting Star Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Dennis Miller    
133     Kemp's Crystal Filly Whit Mythical Kemp Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent  
134     He's Half Naked Colt Western Vintage Naked At The Beach Abby Stables    
135     C S Irene Filly Long Tom Nickie K Hidden Meadows Farm, Agent for Mel Detweiler    
136     Turnsoutimpressive Colt We Will See Oh That's Impressive Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
137     Rock's One Desire Colt Pet Rock One Night's Desire Clearview Stables, Agent    
138     Rose Run Yeehaw Filly McArdle Onherway Killean Rose Run Farm    
139     Miss Steffy Check Filly Racing Hill P L Knockout Pleasant Hill Farm    
140     Countin On Cash Colt Fear The Dragon Paid In Cash Winterwood Farm, Agent for Sandy Loam Standardbreds    
141     Headstrong Hallie Filly Western Vintage Paper Princess Abby Stables    
142     People's Delight Filly Domethatagain People Like Me Abby Stables, Agent for Allen Raber    
143     Team America Filly Team Six Perceptive Caviar Andy Burkholder Farm    
144     No More Sweet Colt Long Tom Almond Joy Trotting Traditions, Agent for Wayne Schlabach    
145     Talkatyoulater Colt Nothing But Class Pine Country Dundee Stable, Agent    
146     Winning Hill Colt Racing Hill Pita Trotting Traditions, Agent    
147     Credit My Tom Colt Long Tom Playful Credit Winterwood Farm, Agent    
148     Pleased To Be Me Filly Uncle Peter Please Mr DJ Hickory Lane Farm, Agent for Shari Eidens    
149     Big Sue Filly Bigrisk Posterone Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
150     Cruisin Jolene Filly Yankee Cruiser Jolie Hanover Pine Grove Acres    
151     What The Heck Filly What The Hill Princess Addie Rose Run Farm, Agent    
152     I About Had It Filly Well Said Princessofdarkness Hidden Meadows Farm, Agent for Steven Mast    
153     Rural King Colt Racing Hill Prosecco Trotting Traditions, Agent for Edgemoor Farm LLC    
154     Shining Dragon Colt Fear The Dragon Prymetyme Shine Abby Stables    
155     Rose Run Yosef Colt And Away We Go Queen Extreme Rose Run Farm    
156     Hill Country's Sassie Filly What The Hill Race Me Ceile Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Hill Country Acres    
157     Devoted Beauty Colt Enterprise Rare Beauty Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
158     Aquaholic Filly Downbytheseaside AllAmerican Happy Spurwood Farm LLC    
159     Gold Camo Colt Bigrisk Roan Camo Andy Burkholder Farm    
160     West Vintage Rapture Colt Western Vintage Romantic Fever Clearview Stables, Agent    
161     Kiss My Brass Filly What The Hill Kadema Hickory Lane Farm, Agent for Shari Eidens    
162     Tequila Tom Colt Long Tom Royal Tequila Hidden Meadows Farm, Agent for Mel Detweiler    
163     Heidi's Filly Filly Domethatagain Salt And Pepper Abby Stables    
164     Little Judith Filly Bigrisk Sam Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
165     Solution Colt Downbytheseaside Satisfy My Soul Trotting Traditions, Agent for Aaron Schlabach    
166     Scooter Flo Filly Lost For Words Scootin Metro Cool Winds Farm    
167     Rose Run Y'all Colt Racing Hill Sebring Blue Chip Rose Run Farm    
168     Downbythecreekside Colt Downbytheseaside Shark Festival Stone Creek Stables    
169     Here Comes Raymond Gelding Bullville Powerful Shesa Pony Bear Creek Stables    
170     Long Tom Jess Colt Long Tom Sheza Jessie Eli S. Miller    
171     Creatavacation Filly Creatine Short Vacation Oak Ridge Farm    
172     Show Your Speed Colt Enterprise Show Your Lindy's Dublin Valley Farm    
173     Reptoid OUT Colt Well Said Silverheels Princes Hickory Lane Farm, Agent    
174     Mamietrea OUT Colt Beachtrea Sltadie Mamie Robert Omaits  
175     Chip's Caviar Colt Triumphant Caviar Smart Chip Abby Stables, Agent for Leroy Miller    
176     Vintage Crunch Colt Western Vintage Sneacret Hanover Clearview Stables    
177     Rose Run Yuria Colt McArdle So Rocked Rose Run Farm    
178     Orange Cremesicle Filly Creatine Sorbet Hall LMN Bred Stables    
179     Heir Of Southwest Colt Western Vintage Southwind Madonna Abby Stables    
180     CL Pipers Peanut Colt Domethatagain Southwind Piper Abby Stables, Agent for Country Lane Farm    
181     Holstered Gun Colt Western Vintage Split Screen Abby Stables    
182     Strike's Action Filly Expressive Action Strike Ten Brushy Acres    
183     Stunners Fast Girl OUT Filly Enterprise Stunner Hanover Dublin Valley Farm    
184     High Flying Kid Gelding School Kids Super Scene Jonathan R. Miller  
185     Long Nancy Filly Long Tom G-Momma Brushy Acres    
186     Sweet Carrie T OUT Filly Muscle Mass Sweet Ashley T Winterwood Farm, Agent  
187     Onederfulbeach Filly Beachtrea Tailwind Hanover Spring Haven Farm, Agent for Robert Eicher    
188     Might Naughty Filly Full Count The Naughty Nanny Brushy Acres    
189     We Go On Fire Filly And Away We Go Thisgirlisonfire Bill Troyer    
190     Rose Run Yona Filly McArdle Tropic's Beachgirl Rose Run Farm    
191     TT Jericho Colt Bullville Powerful Trouble Talk Joseph A. Mullet & Mark Samanas  
192     Ubetirock Colt Pet Rock U Betican BB Crystal Springs Stables    
193     Wally Said Colt Well Said Unique Legacy Henry D. Burkholder    
194     Spark In Thre Dark Filly Sunshine Beach Up Front Angel LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
195     Redaire Filly Helpisontheway Vallaire Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Aquilla King    
196     Hereforagoodtime OUT Colt Domethatagain Van Anna Abby Stables  
197     Seaside Abby Filly Downbytheseaside Velocity Abby Henry D. Burkholder    
198     Mister Class Colt Nothing But Class Vicki Lyn Dublin Valley Farm, Agent  
199     BC Cash It Gelding Expressive Action Victory Is Ours Bear Creek Stables    
200     Venture Vic Colt Enterprise Victory's Sister Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Leroy Raber    
201     Hot Cakes Jake Colt Art Director Warm Waffles Abby Stables    
202     Barfield Colt Long Tom Warrawee Trip LMN Bred Stables, Agent for Joel Auker    
203     Racin For Royalty Filly Racing Hill Western Royalty Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
204     White Sands Beach Colt Bring On The Beach White Sand Pleasant Hill Farm    
205     Rose Run Yenling Colt Western Vintage Wishuwerehere Rose Run Farm    
206     C S Classy Wolf Colt Nothing But Class Wolf's Jann Hidden Meadows Farm, Agent for Mel Detweiler    
207     Dark Brick Road Colt Beachtrea Yellow Brick Road Dundee Stable    
208     All Hopped Up Colt Racing Hill Adrienne My Love Cool Winds Farm    
209     Runaway Yankee Colt Yankee Cruiser Allabouttheride LMN Bred Stables, Agent for Joni Borkholder    
210     BC Dancing Woman OUT Filly Expressive Action AllAmerican Cheer Bear Creek Stables  
211     Honest Nation Colt Western Vintage AllAmerican Nation Abby Stables    
212     Ms Rowdy Rhoda Filly Expressive Action Allie Jae Bear Creek Stables    
213     City Lights Colt Winning Fireworks Philly City Hall Trotting Traditions, Agent for Wayne Schlabach    
214     Amaretto's Andy Colt And Away We Go Amaretto Delight Rose Run Farm, Agent for Leon Yoder    
215     Western Trapper Colt Western Vintage Anegada Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
216     Tom's Nancy Filly Long Tom Angie Brushy Acres    
217     Barley Mischievous Colt Charley Barley Annakate Ohio State University ATI    
218     Ann E Prise Filly Enterprise Ann-E Oaks Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Curve Acres Farm    
219     Lazorette Filly What The Hill April Hall Dublin Valley Farm, Agent    
220     Team B Colt Team Six Arianna Hall Andy Burkholder Farm    
221     Calandiva Zette Colt Well Said Artificial Flower LMN Bred Stables, Agent    
222     Give Me The Prise Colt Enterprise Audio Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Triple Y Farms    
223     Lilly by The Sea Filly Downbytheseaside Bahama Island Cool Winds Farm, Agent for Sunset Dream Farm    
224     Monica Kay Filly Bigrisk Bank The Door Andy Burkholder Farm    
225     Mucho Mollin Colt Beachtrea Barefoot Julie Clearview Stables    
226     Halle Beauty Filly Triumphant Caviar Beautiful Abby Stables    
227     Queen Of My Dreams Filly Final Fantasy Beauty Of My Dream Joseph A. Mullet  
228     Heartthrob Alert Colt Western Vintage Bell Flower Abby Stables    
229     Spiritual Pride Filly What The Hill Betty's Sam Winterwood Farm, Agent    
230     WF Hope OUT Filly Well Said Blissful Dreamer Wilker Family Farms  
231     Noblight Gelding Nob Hill High Blue Lights Elmer Lapp    
232     Delighful Art Gelding Art Director Bohemian Delight Weaver Ridge Farm    
233     Bounding Roan Filly Bigrisk Bound To Be Good Andy Burkholder Farm, Agent    
234     Global Girl Filly Global Republic Bullville Ata Girl Dublin Valley Farm, Agent for Bill Byler    
235     Nothingbutkandi Filly Nothing But Class Bumbleb'z Kandi Weaver Ridge Farm